Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My days...

They consist of lots of color. Lots of children. Lots of interruptions. 21 to be exact.  I am tired. That is why my posts seem to be few and far between. Well, at least posts that are packed with cute things. Because there is simply  no time. No time to do the crafts I want to do.  But, lots of inspiration.
Making the World Cuter is one of my favorites.
Off to do a long bike at the Riverwalk.  I did a lame walk/run this morning with the dogs, so it's time for a real workout :)  Yesterday I had a fun day of workouts. Spin in the morning, then Group Power and Step yesterday evening.  I'm telling you, without workouts, i think I would be so sad. I just feel so engergized with them.  I think I will always fit them in, it just might look a little different with kids (ie. workout videos in front of the tv or walks with the stroller).  That's it for now.
Have a great night!
Do you ever wish you could DEAR (Drop everything and read)??? I DO!!

This was a cute mod poge project I did, and I decided to let my classroom benefit. :)
I made the curtains with glue. The bottom piece of fabric is a cover for my class "store". Not very well put up, but functional.   Oh, and the doubles rap? You have to love it.

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