Thursday, January 21, 2010

I've got to confess...

I've got a crush on Kentucky Basketball.
No, not on the players.  On the Sport. On the Team. On the coaching style.  I have watched Kentucky Basketball since I was a little girl. I can recall banging on the TV when I was a little girl...because we lost a game at the last second. (if you must know, it was against DUKE and the shot was hit by Christian Laetner.) I'm not kidding. This runs deep.  I bleed blue :)
When I was in school, I found a friend that worked at Rupp Arena, where the Cats play their home games. He was one of the "Blue Coats" or 'elderly gentlemen that serve as greeters/ushers".  His spot was right behind the basket. Because he was old, he had a chair sitting there.  Every home game, he saved me a spot behind his chair to stand. So I always had a spot waiting for me behind that chair. Every game. I loved that guy. He was so kind. And he got me great views :) I met Ashley Judd. Well, I didn't talk to her. But she borrowed my foam finger and shook it around for a while! haha!  I met Dick Vitale many times. Took many pictures with him. One even ended up in our player guide the year after I graduated.  My parents loved that :)  I always wound up on ESPN because of those good seats.  Oh, and the best part? Those tickets cost $5. costs me $50 per ticket to sit in the upper level!  Oh, to be a student again :)
Lucky for me, Auburn doesn't love basketball as much as Kentucky. Since they are close by, we ventured over to see the cats.  It wasn't quite the game I expected though.  We played horribly. Auburn played well. It kept things interesting...let's just say that.

My hubby and my brother in law...Look at Coach Cal telling these guys how to play! I love it. He's great!  Even if we were losing, I just feel like he has a good energy. It was fun to watch him.So Brandon makes fun of this headband. Well, he used to. He told me it looked like a bird landed on my head. But with the cute is just cute. I bought it from a cute etsy shop, then I realized that this cute girl had a blog...which I LOVE. He is wearing my scarf in the picture. I was so worked up about the game, I couldn't take it. Guess who doesn't really care about UK bball? That's right..Army guy does not care. He likes the Army. He likes God. He doesn't really care much about basketball. How dare he! :)  There has to be one stable one in the family~!

Hoops For Haiti....Kentucky Basketball decided to auction off a dinner with Coach Cal and Ashley Judd, our biggest fan. It raised 98,000 dollars for Haiti.  So glad they are willing to help.  They also did a telethon with the players to help.


  1. "You're the Dookie Azubuike!". Yup, we had some big time crushes. Oh Chuck Hayes........... :) Those were the days.

  2. Great job Kentucky on coming up with that fundraising idea! Haiti could really use every dollar that was raised. Recovering from a catastrophic event like the earthquake will take several months, if not years.