Monday, January 4, 2010

To Do: Fun Projects

This seems easy and fun. And the blog seems super cute too.

Please go over to THIS blog and see how much fun she is. I really want to do exactly this. I want to take an ALPHABET of architectural photos.

I also really need to recover a couple old lampshades. I found this at just the right time!

These shoes are too cute. I already know the shoes and the fabric I'm going to use. Now I just need the time :)

Well, there are more, but I am going to get the house ready for Brandon's brother who is coming tomorrow on his way to US Marshall training! That could be us in a couple years..
Oh, and the kids are back at school tomorrow. Not my kids. The kids. The second graders who I spend most of my waking life with. All 20. I'm kind of excited :)


  1. These projects are all so cute! I love the shoes, but yes, time is in short supply.

    I used to make my header. It's amazing (and free). Have fun with the kids tomorrow!

  2. Thanks for the link (and the comment!)! It's nice to meet you, too! :)