Friday, December 4, 2009

Totally Inspired!

Sad time to see family. But, boy, it's so fun to see family. Especially, my husband. We had on.y been paart for two days, but it was wonderful to see him.

Have you all been looking around lately? There is a lot of adorable stuff.
Seriously cute. Lots of inspiration floating around.

How do these people find the time? I feel so overwhelmed finding time to Christmas shop. I don't want to buy lame, boring gifts. I want every gift to be special. Hold meaning. Have a personal connection with the recepient. Oh, but it can't be too expensive. And it can't take too long to make. Any ideas? :) I love to make Shutterfly Books. This is not my family, to the side...but it is a fun, adorable gift to give. So, I'm currently spending most of my "free time" (What free time??) on the computer working on these.

So check out some of my TO DO crafts....
For my cousin's two year old...

For Myself (oops...I keep getting greedy during the holidays) or a friend...

For a holiday party gift, or again...for my back door

It's a little too late to "GIVE" this...but it would be SO FUN to make...and look at!
Christmas Advent Calendar

Maybe a gift for someone with a new home...I'm racking my brain...possibly my brother and sis in law...

Adorable tote bag with Doily...
I cannot attach the picture, but this is a perfect gift.
Add some Christmas accessories to make it a perfect gift.

There are way more...but I need to begin working on my books..
Have a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. That advent calendar is ADORABLE! I love it!