Wednesday, December 2, 2009

This amazing man I married...and crafty goodness.

I was reading a cute blog today that talked about the cute wreaths Starbucks had last year. She even said that she should have paid better attention last year. OR, you could have gone into the story in January and asked for the wreaths...and gotten them for FREE :) What a STEAL! I plan on making another cute one. I already bent a wire hanger for the background and bought some cute ornaments at the dollar tree. I got that idea here.

Enought about that... :) The real purpose for the post this evening was my husband. He's just the best. He really pays attention when he reads books like "The Five Love Languages. My sweet hubby left today for several weeks of Army man training away from home. Major bummer. I mean, it felt like a deployment. We just wanted to spend every moment together before he went. It is pretty well known to my husband that I LOVE all things bloggy. I love looking, I love learning from other blogs, I love making my blog more fun, and I LOVE to blog myself. But, with the sweet hubby home, there just isn't too much time for this. There is no time. We have such limited time together, that we don't like to waste ANY doing anything other than hanging out. We live in a dream world. Children will change this, we realize :) Check out these sweet notes I found hidden around the house. There are at least three more I have found since I took the pictures.

This photo is in the fridge and the one to the right is in my jewler drawer. Sneaky..

You have to be thankful for a husband who wants me to feel special and loved. I need that!

Time for bed. 9.5 hr drive tomorrow. Brandon's grandma passed away last night. So sad. But I just know that God has taken her into a place that is out of suffering and pain. That is what we all have prayed for...that her pain would be gone...but those of us left feel that pain.
Goodnite friends.


  1. I'm sorry about Brandon's grandma. I'll be praying for you as you travel. So glad you have a great hubby. Love the little notes!

  2. What a cute idea to leave little notes! My hubby also uses the phrase "smokin' hot." I hope the time away goes fast!