Monday, December 7, 2009

So, Santa...

I don't really love Christmas gifts that people ask for.
I'm not saying they shouldn't ask, it just doesn't seem as fun when they ask.
I mean, as adults, we can purchase most things ourselves.
I want to be SURPRISED.
I much prefer something with much thought behind it.
Something that doesn't necesarily cost much.
Something that lets me know the giver cares.
Isn't that what Christmas should be about?

I just like cute. Fun. unique. I like ministries. I think some of the best gifts are giving life. You could give WATER...

or an animal... Heifer can give a flock of chicks for $20 to help a family in need, or a Water Buffalo to a family to provide milk, manure for soil and a transportation avenue....

So, since I don't like Christmas lists, I'll just be a nice hypocritical person and show you some the things on my Christmas List:
From Etsy

Old WW2 replica poster:

THIS adorable poster, framed:

I've been asking for several years to begin my WILLOW TREE nativity set. I don't like cheesy ones, so I only have ONE in my house, in addition to a sparkly silver nativity silhouette I found at TJ Maxx this year. So, I want this:

Enough of that. Just wanted to share.

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  1. we must be meant for each other, because I have that poster in my living room--love it.