Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday !!

"The Lord is my shepherd; I have everything I need" Psalm 23:1
I am so thankful that I read this today. How easy it is to be swept up into buying gifts and finding deals on the biggest shopping day of the year. The Lord reminds us that we are like sheep who are easily distracted and swept away. He knows us BY NAME. We must follow our shepherd, who already has given us all we need. How often I forget this simple truth.

Black Friday, you wiped me out!
I woke up this morning to meet you so EARLY! I braved the crowds at Walmart in Illinois...much to my overall dislike of Walmart, it seemed that the items I wanted were there. We ARRIVED at 4:45. That's right. We got up at 4:30. I do this every day to workout, but it's a little different when you are getting up to shop. A different kind of excitement...if excitement can really be the word to describe this.
I was not alone in this venture. Two cousins and THE HUSBAND came along. Army Guy came along to see some fights. He was hoping to see some ladies duke it out over the limited number of "door buster' deals. No fist fights, but we did see one pretty awesome verbal fight go down over a computer :)
We got in and out of Walmart with several good buys. A shop vac, several presents for mom and dad, an external hard drive, $8 4Gig memory cards, etc. We came home, dropped off AG and headed back out to the mall. We stayed out until about 8am. We scored some pretty decent deals, but I'm embarrased to admit that some purchases were not gifts :)

I got back in bed for about a two hour nap and then went BACK out shopping. This time with a CAR full of ladies and my little cousin DREW (2 yrs old). Little Drew continues to press on my baby fever button. Boy do I love that guy! Seeing AG wrestle and love him makes me want that even more.

When we arrived back home, we took a break, had some Chili my uncle made, watched some Alabama/Auburn football...then headed BACK out for more. At that point, it was getting late and stores were closing. So today, I can truly say I opened and CLOSED several stores.
Looking forward to watching my team, the WILDCATS...face off against the Tennessee Vols tommorrow. Don't worry, I chose the 'curtain' photo on purpose. To show how insignificant the game is :) I have wonderful friends who are UT fans, so it should be a good game, regardless.

We head back Saturday morning...I mean EARLY (5am ish)...and I'm looking forward to getting back to GA. We put our tree up before we left but it's not decorated yet. I can't wait to get home and make this awesome HOLIDAY POTPOURRI.

It's on my to-do list for Sunday....

Any fun ideas to get into the holiday spirit?

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