Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sprinkly Goodness

My friend Rebecca brought these cookies to a Christmas Party early in the year and they were so cute. I knew I had to make them for the last day of school. But really, adults like them too. I usually don't use a pre-made cookie to bake with...but I had to make these.

I am posting this quickly before I get super hungry. I am trying to really think about what I put in my mouth after Christmas. Since I work-out so much, I tend to think I can eat what I want. That is not true, as evidenced by getting on the scale at the gym. OOPS. I am trying to get in a habit of asking myself, "Why am I eating this?"....and I've realized that most times it is NOT because I am hungry. Usually bored, happy, sad, etc. Oh Women and our emotional eating.....I don't think I will ever stop loving cookies. Seriously, look at these...can you resist...they are so cute! So that's why were talking now....

First, you will need to locate Pilsbury premade cookies in your grocers refrigerated section. You could do this with any pre-made (or cute ones you made yourself) cookies for any holiday.

Next, bake the cookies as directed on the box. You want to make sure they are firm and not mushy (normally, I like my cookies a little soft) so you can use them in the next step.

After you let them cool (be patient, I know this is the fun part), go ahead and frost one side and put another cookie on top. I kept the frosting pretty thick so there would be ample room for sprinkles.

Any frosting will work for these, but I thought white looked better than chocolate. Had I not been making these at 10pm the night before the last day of school...I might have tried to put a couple drops of food coloring in the frosting to make it red or green. You can also put a red hot or other red candy at the top of the tree. I keep thinking of all the different seasons and the cookies that come out. Maybe I can try this around Valentines Day.

Finally, roll your completed Ball of YUM into the sprinkles. When you are done..let them set a bit, but they won't get hard..and you don't want them to. You want the frosting in the middle to stay soft and amazing :)

Obviously, these were super easy. But serve them and I promise you will end up with children that look like this

(one of my students at school...who loved them :)


  1. thanks for the encouraging words... yes God is my sustainer! hoping this time around my story gets even better :)

  2. Oh...these are super cute! It's nice having students to bake for. Grab one for yourself & a few for AG then enjoy the smiles :).

  3. That is such a cute idea!! And they look so, so yummy! My kids would love these (not to mention their mommy!)