Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Easy Peasy Christmas Tree Pens

I love these.

So easy...but so cute! I found this pen at a cute boutique in town. I bought two immediately. I went back a couple weeks later and they were all out. I knew I could make these, so I did. Super easy.
If you wantn to make one, you will need:
Several pieces of thick felt, any colors but usually at least one GREEN
A box of pens
Pom Poms (mini)
Jingle Bells (mini)
Ric rac or other cute trim
Glue Gun

First, find some heavy duty felt at a place like Michaels or JoAnns. I had to use the sticky back side and glue two pieces together.

Judge for yourself how thick you want it. I thought it should be really thick, but I didn't want another HORRIBLE glue gun burn (like I got several weeks ago and I'm still recovering from...ie. my hand looks like a leper attacked it), so I was very careful.

2. After you have a thick piece to work with, draw the shape you want your tree to be and cut it out of the felt. Then, trace that piece onto the felt again and cut that piece out.

3. WAIT, before you do anything else, find a pen that will work for you. Then, find some ribbon, any ribbon will do. I used light-weight silver wired ribbon, about 1cm thick. Then, beginning at the top of the pen, place a little hot glue and begin wrapping the pen. Every couple wraps, put a little dot of hot glue and continue wrapping. I did not take a picture of this step...but it will be super cute looking. You could even use your pen like that, it will be so cute.

4. Then, lay your wrapped up pen (in the picture my pen is unwrapped) in the middle of the tree. Glue the second piece of felt on top of the first piece, with the pen in between. It might feel akward, but press down hard and load plenty of hot glue in between. PRESS, PRESS, PRESS. Now wait. Wait quite a while, like, enough time to make a little snack.

5. Bring your snack back to the tree and begin affixing cute things with your glue gun. Go to town. You are probably much more creative than I am. I put small sparkly pom poms and this CUTE trim I found with little tiny balls on it. I also made a little star for the top of one by cutting the shape out of felt and spraying adhesive on top. Then I glittered it up. Glitter makes things fun, I think. When I was done, I used a glue gun to glue little jingle bells to the corners that there were no ornaments on. I did not even take a picture of the finished ones because I was so excited to give them away. Everyone loved them. I am planning on making some hearts for V-day, Birds, etc....They are super fun.


  1. These are so cute! And fun! Maybe if I would've made these for my little tots they would have left the real tree alone : ) Nice to meet you, Brooke! Your blog looks beautiful!

  2. Those are so cute! My kids would love to make them!