Tuesday, October 20, 2009


What a week. I am such a horrible blogger. I get too excited checking other people's cute blogs and imagining the adorable pictures I could take of moments happening in my life...that I forget to make it happen for myself! I also sometimes don't want to blog because my blog isn't cute enough, and I don't know how to get great pictures in my blog yet, like my absolute FAVORITE blogger. (I am dying to write her a stalker email...you should really talk me out of it.) I've got to get over it. If I wait for perfection...then it's just never going to happen!

Maybe I should just go back to the islands, where this picture was taken.
Dear British Virgin Islands,
It doesn't seem that anyone works down there. Is that true? If so, could I please live there for free? Thank you.
Your greatest fan, BW

Okay, I must start by telling you why the excitement is so strong. When stalking other blogs, I find MANY cute things. Something that literally brought tears to my eyes it was so cute...I have been obsessed with these cake pops...but this just makes it so much cuter! I love that romance is still alive with many people. Look at all 400+ posts. I also noticed that they are ALL positive. Do you notice that on most blogs there is a large mix of positive/negative feedback? Not here....every word is kind. It is only LOVE that can do that to people.

Brandon proposed to me in such a fun way. Do you know the story? We have quite a long fairy tale of a (dramatic) story in the last 10 years. We have been married almost four years!! Let's just start with the lovey dovey...then some other tme we'll talk about the actual proposal...and wedding. CRAZY.

Brandon and I met the first day of high school, as we entered our homeroom at TCHS. Fresh out of middle school. Whitis and Wollison. Coach Sayre. Science Lab Homeroom. Brandon wore dirt bike jerseys to school. I was super prep soccery player. He was country. I was city. He sent a friend over to ask me if I would accompany him to the freshman homecoming dance. I knew nothing about him except said perceptions. I told his friend a simple, sly, "NO". He went on to attend the dance with one of the most popular girls in our school while I sat home alone. This was my first dose of missing Brandon. We ended up dating for an entire two weeks our Freshman year. This on and off relationship cycle would go on for the next 7 years.

As we went our separate ways in high school, Brandon would cross my mind. I remember admiring his closing debate in our mock trial in AP Social Studies. I was so shy. We began talking and we reconnected briefly our senior year as friends. One day we were both skipping school and ran into each other in the school parking lot with another friend. We ended up driving down by the river and eventually..went to Senior prom together complete with huge ballgown and cowboy hat. Oh yes, this was not a joke. This was Kentucky.

We both went away to college in Ohio and Indiana respectfully. We talked every couple of days. We talked when anything big happened. All my college roommates and sorority sisters knew who Brandon was. In fact, they probably know more than they will ever want to know about Brandon.
When we returned to UK and began dating seriously our sophmore year of college, life seemed as if it were working out. When we broke up Junior year after a little over a year, I knew it was right for us, but all I could think was, "Where will I find another guy so great?". He was ONE of a KIND! As the Lord took us both through some changes and some lessons, and took us both into leadership positions within a campus ministry (Campus Crusade for Christ), he took us apart. When Brandon showed up at my doorstep on April Fool's morning at 6am, I was a bit weary to say the least. At the time, we weren't talking much. He came to my door and told me he wanted to take me to breakfast. I refused. He asked again. I refused. He asked a third time by saying forcefully, "Let me be the leader of this relationship". In my mind I'm thinking, "WHAT RELATIONSHIP?". Then all the bells start going off. That day, April Fools Day 2005, my hubby asked me if he could "Pursue me with the intent of marriage". Oh geez. It was dramatic. Very UN-Hubbyish. He is UBER non-drama. Mr.I'm about to go into the army for my career. But he did it, and he was serious.
Thus our courtship began, one week later (when I finally said yes. I had to keep him in suspense a bit. Believe me, I had my share of suspense). Two weeks of dating later, Brandon graduates and we drive to Fort Benning Georgia. I drive back home and fly to Macedonia for the summer, where I proceed to live for two months. When I return, I enter my senior year, last semester in college. My sweet hubby begins Ranger School in just a matter of weeks (in which we will not talk). Somehow, the Lord sustains us. Brings us through stronger. Nothing can explain it but the will of God. Later, we look back and think about how MUCH time we had together back then.

Nothing really prepares one for the life as an Army spouse. I would never EVER trade it. I feel so lucky to be married to a soldier. On our walk tonight, he said, "I'm worried that I'll be sore for our Jump/Ruck tomorrow". I inquired...and found out he's doing some big (scary-to me) training operation tomorrow. To him, it's just another day at the office. Pretty awesome guy I managed to snag. You missed the part of the courtship story when he gave me bulls testicles in a flowered box with a sweet note...or the time we kicked each other in the groin after an ultimate frisbee game...or maybe the time my roommates painted his apartment pink. It wasn't all perfect. But it was fun! And it is our life.....

If you read this far, Bravo to you. I'm not a beautiful writer....but I like to talk...so this is what you get :)

Have a beautiful night.

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  1. You two are so sweet! And I don't recall you being shy in high school. Maybe it was because we ran with similar people - and the soccer girls were pretty cool. But Brandon was such a cowboy! He made Laura Hahn and I learn the dance from 8 seconds to teach the entire group for the begining of Mr. TCHS our senior year... oh the memories... I'm glad you shared that with us blog stalkers :) I'm glad your relationship has worked out the way it has. I can't imagine the two of you NOT together.