Wednesday, October 28, 2009

All who are needy...

So, I am currently thinking about Africa all the time...well, Africa and all countries that have the poor and needy (Second grade teacher speaking here....all countries included in this). I guess the Lord has put an immense burden on my heart for the poor and needy in this world. Can we really sit by and watch? Not because it's the trendy thing to help. Think about the cause. There are MILLIONS of people living in food. Brothers and sisters dying just because they have no clean water to drink. It is not something we can ignore. I just think that we are called to serve, to help, to give...

Not as a humanitarian mission, but to show the love of Jesus. In your own life, you probably know that if someone TELLS you something, you might pay attention and you might not, but if someone DOES something for LISTEN. I think that ministry works the same. We cannot just tell the poor about the hope they can have in Jesus...we must show them. Several really amazing ministries have popped into my viewfinder lately. One of them showed itself through my FAVORITE blogger...she is amazing. I am pretty much IN LOVE with all she does...but one thing she has made me aware of is this neat ministry called water for christmas. Neat.

I am going to be going on a vision trip to Africa in June 2010. I am notoriously against short term mission trips (for myself), no offense meant to anyone who enjoys them. I just feel like I have exhausted my short term trips. I don't feel like I am helping and I would rather donate teh $3000 it takes me to go to help the country/place in need. I know this sounds cynical, but I was convicted of this in 2004 when I went on my last trip to Haiti. The Lord also placed on my heart a burden for the poor. I won't say I am the best at reaching out, (I'm ashamed to admit), and I am becoming more aware that it is my responsibility to do so. Back in 2004 I KNEW that somehow I would be going to Africa next. So...then this opportunity came up through my amazing church, ironically called MyChurch to get involved with this amazing ministry called "Vapor Sports". It is rare to find such a well organized, God-hearted, LOVING, GIVING ministry. Seriously awesome. Check their story out here. So, full circle, the Lord has told me to go. To renew my love for the poor. To follow the great commission. To GO to all nations and GIVE of resources. Because we all know that I will help serve. But in four full days there....who will be affected? I'm sure the sweet slum children will be affected, loved, clothed with new clothes and filled with good food but I feel confident that my heart will be the one ready to give. If you are interested in helping, I will be raising support for part of my trip...and would be honored for your support.

So, along with vapor sports, the WATER FOR CHRISTMAS group has an ETSY shop with some adorable merch. All proceeds going to water in Liberia. I am serious that I loved the shirts so much I tried to talk her into making an adult version. :)

So, for now...that's all.
Go to all the nations.
Love people.
I think it really is that easy.

For I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat,
I WAS THIRSTY and you gave me something to drink,
I was a stranger and you invited me in."
Matthew 25:35

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  1. I love your blog post! Thanks for sharing your heart. I checked out that blog you shared and i LOVE her house!! I hope to see you soon!