Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Pretty much the best wedding kiss. Sorry folks. And the date is lying. We were married 12/23/05. :)

So here we are. It's been a long journey. My house is clean. My sheets are dog hair-less. My toes are polished. I just need the hubby.

Pretty exciting journey that the Lord takes us on. Through so many ups and downs and tugs and pulls, we can really see how we have been guided to be EXACTLY where we are right now! I just felt like taking a bit of a photo journey. The photo above is at a UK football game in 03. Brandon and I were dating, I think. It was good times. In the meantime, before we got married in 05, we broke up and stopped talking :) Oh God, how you change our paths :)
To the left is a fun pic of our wedding. Please, if you can see, look at Treesh taking great joy in hitting both Brandon and I on the backside.

As I reflect on the past couple months, several things come to mind. First, I got a job! Hooray! I'm a teacher. Well, I've been a teacher for quite a while now, but I guess you could call me official this year. Second grade just resonates in my soul. I feel like it is my job to love them all day, teach them what they need and send them on smarter and better to third grade. I guess for some of them I am another good experience in their already great life. For others, I am the only bring, friendly person in their lives. What a blessing that is to be that person for some children. When I don't scream, I just talk to them calmly, I can tell some of them don't know how to react. You can see the wheels turning in their minds "But noone treats me this way at home"... Very fun, very interesting, very life changing.
And then there is the more somber, depressing part of the past couple months. Some reality mixed in. That is the tough stuff that never gets easy. Moms telling us how they didn't know that God's plan for their son was to give another person life...through a heart. That is challenging to face and to understand.
Still, we believe. We know things are good. We are excited for the future months. Planning lots of boat trips. Lots of traveling. Lots of fun.

Is anyone else obsessed with FLIKR? I mean really. I can just look at that stuff ALL DAY LONG! Right now I enjoying checking out Italy. Just my hopeful vacation sport next June. Unless it turns into Africa. I'm a teacher. I have to have a summer vacation. Soon enough I will be devoting my days to raising sweet, lovable young children (right? Sweet...lovable...we will soon see), so for now, Travel I will...

Goodbye for now. Off to greet.

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  1. Can't wait to see photos of you greeting him home!!! Please share soon! :)