Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What a day! I had a wonderful day at school. Second Grade is just fun. I love that these little people are learning about how to be kind to others while with me. It is just FUN. On another note, I had a little boy come in the other day (third morning of school) and say, "My mom is sick of this crap". Awesome. Looks like I"m winning the parents over :)

Which brings me to my next topic. Homeschooling. Many positives and negatives. I have no idea if it will be right for me or my kids. But...IF I end up homeschooling, I want a school room like this . Neat huh? I think so.

I just love this lady. She had in one visit to her blog given me a cute idea for a wall of my house, made me VERY aware of my adult ADD and showed me hope for a homeschool :)

I must go do lesson plans and spend time in the bible. Must get in bed before midnight tonight :)

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  1. Yes because your friend Katie is totally holding you accountable! :) Early bedders are happier risers! lol I totally just made that up I think...