Thursday, October 4, 2012

Don't bite your brother!

Well, the photo bandit strikes again. When we were in Kentucky for the family reunion, we got photos with cousin Jackson.   Today is his birthday, two days after Finn.  During these photos, Brandon was not there to make our boys smile, and Alicia was getting some adorable smiles out of Jackson :)  This particular photo montage shows a normal day spent with my boys...

 ***jenny, do not use these for the christmas cards, they are outtakes... :)***

Oh, how sweet. eli is kissing finn's hand!  Oh, I'm so proud :)

Oh no, i think he's biting him!  I don't think that this is going to be good.  This looks bad...

Poor Finn!!  He just got chomped.  You try to talk to Eli about it, and he just looks at you like you have a problem :)
Oh these boys. Can't wait to see what it looks like in a couple years!
You can totally see why people always ask me if they are twins, right?!?!?! :)

In other news...
My hair is starting to look ridiculous. I'm pretty sure the ombre look is OUT...but I don't have the cash to get my hair done.  :) I guess we'll wait a couple weeks.  Sweet children....they're worth it. worth it.  this is a season of living on less.... (i repeat it over and over and feel a little better!)

My hubs is gone for two nights, and this is the longest he has been away since we've had kids. So far, so good.  Although Eli had a very whiny day....and I had to really work hard to hold it together.

Finn wears a size 5.5 shoe and Eli wears a 6.  Finn is going to take after his mom...with these big feet!

I just made "instagram books" on Blurb.  They had a free deal. I won't share it because it expired, but since I take so many "Quick" photos on my iphone, it is fun to have them documented.  I never print them because they aren't great quality.

Sometimes, I want to get rid of Bella (our dog), but when I got home from Kentucky and spent one day without her, i realized we really missed our floor pre-cleaner, our big snuggler, etc.  She is so sweet.  Right now she is laying in bed with me...which she never gets to do if Brandon is home.  Don't judge me about wanting to get rid of's so hard to explain.  She's been my best bud for years...but when she is tearing apart diapers every day, eating fresh cooked meals off my counters....knocking children over with her tail....the kids eat her dog food and play in her water....
But she's worth it...I think :)

I have a horrific headache tonight. I sure hope it's not a migraine brewing!
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  1. Brotherly love. Everybody needs a teething ring, eh?? Hope you're feeling better!