Monday, July 23, 2012

here and there...

Gosh, I can't believe I have let the blog slide. I suppose that is what happens when you have two kiddos. :)
It is funny the crazy respect you gain for moms when you BECOME one!  
We went to Illinois this weekend and I got to hang out with my mom and grandma.  
4 generations together.  That was special and fun!  I loved seeing my sweet cousin get married. 
I remember sitting with her in my lap, when I was little and I loved it! I never had a little sister or brother, so I never got to hold babies.  She was "my baby"....and I always felt that way growing up.  

So, super fun to be watching her grow up! She had a baby a couple months ago, so our boys aren't too far apart either :)  

In other, momma related notes....
Eli's tongue is not always out. But....I do find it funny. When I was young, I had a condition called "macro glossia" or LARGE TONGUE. When I was young, all my pictures look like this.  So, I like to tell people it's genetic :)_

I am still pumping.  This is not what I dreamed my nursing relationship would look like.  Today, I tried to offer to nurse  with Finn (he was just acting like he wanted it, but as he almost went on, he started to laugh. I put my finger in his mouth instead and he bit down, HARD.  
Good choice not to offer the real thing :)  
He is 10 months next week, so two more months to go.  Lots of people urging me to stop, but I just can't, yet.  Maybe before a year...but right now I"m just not ready.
I am sad that it ended to abruptly when we brought Eli home, but it is one of those plentiful momma moments where you realize that although you thought you could control every aspect of your life, in fact, you have very little control after all.

I have become a google-aholic.  I google EVERYTHING.  "how to steam broccoli" " what to feed your toddler"  "how to get drool stains out of beautiful dresses" "calories in sonic diet cherry lime aides" "How to marinate new york strip steak?" "what should we eat for dinner tonight?" "how much should I pump?" etc, etc, etc.  I feel like I think of something, and then think, "Hey, why am I wasting time thinking about it? I'm going to ask google". :)  

The boys are really adjusting. They love to tackle/hug each other.  They give kisses (open mouth slobber fests) to each other and share food when they are in their high chairs :)  They are a little obscene at times. But so cute.

Since we are crazy and such, right when Eli gets comfortable, we decide to shake things up a bit. So, two weeks ago, we took a little road trip down to Tampa to see my brother and sister in law.  :)  Fun, but maybe not the wisest....with a baby who has been home for four weeks...Overall it went great and it was super fun though!    Then, this past week we flew to Illinois.  Oh the joys of flying with two "infants".  Let's begin with this: Two infants (in arms) cannot be in one row.  So, Brandon and I had to sit separate.  That means that I had to try to contain a child on my lap for two hours, without allowing him to dive into the lap of my neighbor.  This proved VERY interesting.  VERY.  I sat next to a professional belly dancer (don't worry, I didn't know they existed either).  HE (yes, HE!!) luckily didn't mind the drool all over his arms and the knocks in the head while he napped.  Then we piled into a car (THANK GOODNESS....riding a shuttle and trying to keep them entertained in our laps for another two hours would have been torture) and put them in carseats while I squeezed in the middle of the car seats (hello child bearing hips...)...

All in all...just crazy around these parts. :)

I get to LEAVE the house tonight for a girls night!  I'm not leaving until bedtime, but I sure am excited!!

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  1. I'm so glad you're "back!" Love the update! And that genetic tongue condition! Who knew???

  2. I love your photos of you son's! They are both just beautiful! It's such an inspiration, as we are a transracial adoptive family as well. :) Thank you for brightening my day!