Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I thought it was jet lag.
I thought it was lack of sleep.
I thought i was being wimpy.
Come on, I"ve done lots of overseas travel.
No, some bug definitely got me. It "got me good".
I am just now seeing outside the cloud that I have been in for the last five days. Shew, it feels good to breathe again.

SO many of my friends break up their ethiopia trips day by day. I will be honest, with two kids there, there was NO TIME. Even with my mom there to help (who was awesome and helpful).  I did not take the photos I thought I would take (mostly because you weren't allowed to take photos of the other babies in the transition home because they were all promised to waiting families, some of whom hadn't been referred out or gone to court yet). Anyway, I realized that by the time I dealt with one sweet child, the next one needed me. So, the updates will come sporadically.

 Real quick up front, I wondered if you, awesome blog readers, would help me to spread the news. A friend of mine, who bought shirts and is just generous and sweet has offered to offer the proceeds from her 31 sales to our adoption. So we will have a party open for a month, and whatever we get, I will get her portion of it. What a generous girl. Seriously. And I'll be honest, sometimes I struggle with "throwing parties" and with the "trendy" stuff, but gosh, these bags and the stuff is so cute, I have even bought three or four pieces that I have around my house. So, no pressure, but will you pass this on, it will be open for a while.  And they have a great deal right now.

And if that doesn't convince you...

I hate to see my children in distress...but Finn's face here might be the funniest thing I've ever seen. This is moments after we met our sweet Eli.  More on that story soon, step by step....

Please pass on the fundraiser...if you don't mind :)  It ends at the end of April.  You should mark that you do not want it ship to hostess, or you will have to find it in Western KY :)  Questions: email Emily at thejochims@gmail.(dot)com.

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  1. Brooke and Brandon, im so so glad meeting your sweet Eli went so well!! I can't wait to see more pictures. Loving the sporadic updates. Praying for y'all lots!