Friday, April 6, 2012

So glad...

One of my favorite things about the transition home (place where we stayed in ethiopia, where all the adopted babies stay while they wait) was the other amazing people that we met!
I mean, just amazing people.
Many of them live in Louisville or surrounding counties, which is awesome to know I can see them again when I am in KY!

One friend that did not live in KY, but in UTAH was a friend who went over to live there while she waited to be approved.  Julie and her hubby took the most beautiful pics of Eli (yosef) several months ago.  We have treasured them.
Then I met her in person!
Julie is way more on top of things than I am.  Uploading and blogging every day from Ethiopia. Putting me to shame. :)
Sort of embarrassing considering she has ZERO internet connection and she is busy helping to love on everyone's babies...
Julie has the most PRECIOUS GIRL named Zaidee.
I want to EAT. HER. UP.

We have always thought we would go back to get a girl. I truly think we will. She is GORGEOUS.

Julie is the kind of selfless person you just want to be friends with. She loves on all the kiddos. The nannies love her, because she truly takes an interest in them. One day, I went outside and she was out there trying to communicate and learn words from the nannies for at least an hour....who speak VERY LITTLE she was trying to piece together their broken amharic/english...
She might even play with Eli while we are gone. So amazing.

I stole her photos of us, since at least she is put together enough to have them up :)

Please watch her journey. Her case is in Nairobi, so she (hopefully) will be approved and on the way home in a week or two!!

Enjoy these for now!

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  1. Well, look at yall! I see a perfect family designed by God! That Eli, is simply gorgeous! Finn is as big as Eli!, lol!! I know yall are so excited to get back to him. Keeping yall in prayers. love!

  2. TEARS! Love you guys. Eli is doing great, I've been lovin' on him. Today we played a Easter game and all the little ones were waddling around outside, so cute! Thanks so much for your sweet words! Miss you guys!

  3. That last picture is STELLAR! LOVE the shirts! My prayers have been with you my sweet friend. While you were over there, I could not look at the picture posted on fb without crying....but I looked at it every day. It is like "seeing God" at work, *really* seeing Him.