Sunday, December 11, 2011

My FAVORITE things....

Oh my goodness.
I can't wait to tell you more about this fun fun party.
( I blocked off the address so you can't stalk me... let's be real, I'm not that cool...but you never know)
Actually, the address is a friend of mine, with a cooler house than mine, which is why I really have to block it.

I found the idea on pinterest (the place to find all fun things).  I brought it up to my amazingly talented friend Rebecca. She is party planner extraordinaire.  I knew she would be able to help pull it off. And she is my bff (yes, I'm in 8th grade)...  Plus, the most amazing guy needs a fun birthday party  ---> JESUS.  Lots of people have parties for different holidays, which is great, but I felt like Jesus needed a party. Another post with pictures (that will not do it justice, because I was not in the photo mood...) to come.

Imagine getting FIVE amazing gifts...and wishing you got to take home one of everyone's gifts.....but feeling so lucky to keep getting gift after gift...

So, so fun.
We might do another one in the spring, it was so fun.

gray ric rac copy

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