Sunday, December 11, 2011

2 months already...

Wow, how he has changed ALREADY!
He is 10 weeks old today. 
I almost can't handle it.
Seriously? Ten weeks? he will be three months in two more weeks. 
GEEZ> time FLIES. 

I feel like I haven't held him enough today.
The good news is, today is rare.  I feel happy not to have many regrets about our ten weeks together.
I was just thinking that to have a small baby again, I have to go through a whole new pregnancy.
That doesn't sound fun.  So I better just enjoy this baby even as he grows at an alarming rate.
Because I sure don't want to watch my body grow and stretch to new heights...right now..

If you got our christmas card, the top picture was on there.
{if you didn't get our christmas card, and  you usually would, I am probably disorganized and can't find your would you email it to me? wish I were more organized, but I won't apologize for the way God made me. I try my best...}
Well, it was on one of them.
I made two Christmas cards because I have trouble deciding on things.
So one of them was more like a birth announcement.
And the other was a "merry christmas" card with the above photo.

Why am I even telling you all this? You don't really care!

Let me just show you sweet Finn instead. And some comments I made on his two month bday.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.
The ministry team leaders in our church got together tonight. We prayed for one another.
We reminded ourselves that Satan wants to break up our core.
And we have to stay together, pursuing his ministry.
It was a lot of fun, and we made some neat memories.
I love doing life and ministry with the awesome people at our church.
Feeling thankful tonight.

A friend snuggled Finn all night.  It was great.  He needs to get more social.  

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