Friday, December 30, 2011

{fave things}: Please host this party...

Okay, I am finally ready to tell you about the party. :)  Are you ready to be blown away?!

I have to tell you about this party. Because you need to have one.
We had it with a lot of our small group from church.  If I didn't invite you, that was wasn't exclusive, but just some friends that had talked about doing it.
It was SO worth doing.
If you like getting fun gifts.
Lots of them...
from people you like..
who have good taste...
this is the party for you to host.
It was super fun.
And just all around awesome.
Afterwards, I just kept saying, "Wow, that was fun!!".
My friend Stephanie was making fun of me, (since I hosted it with Rebecca, but kept saying how proud I was...)  She kept mocking me, saying, "Wow, that party i threw was awesome"....I sure wasn't trying to pat myself on the back, i guess I was just shocked at how much I loved it.

Imagine, getting five gifts from five people that you like...that is what this party was!! When you get gifts from friends normally, you get one $20 would never guess that several $5-$6 gifts would be so special :)  And all your friends are creative, or at least the gifts reflected that!  I was sad that I didn't get the gift every person brought.  Some people made their gifts, some people brought one gift that equalled six dollars, some brought four gifts that added up to it.  Some people brought things to eat, some brought things to use.  One of my favorites....a mustache coffee mug...hand painted ;)

Rebecca and I had fun decorating...covering mason jars with lace and doilies and twine, sewing doilies for a garland, cutting burlap and stamping words on it...

As guests arrived, they grabbed five tags from the branches and wrote their name on each one.  Then they dropped them in the bowl in the picture below.  We stamped the words on the tags, but favorite didn't fit, so we had to go with "fave" :)  The boys helped with that part...



A fun gift from Stephanie....a $2 gift card to circle K (to get a slushie), Kazoozles (because her dad used to buy them for her) and a lottery ticket.  These were her (VERY CREATIVE) favorite things :) I didn't get this one, I was sad :)
gray ric rac copy20111210_9071
Burts Bees lip stain... I got it..and wore it today!!
One of my favorites...a STARBUCKS GIFT CARD!! I got this one, lucky me!!

We went one at a time and explained why these things were our favorite.  I brought a felt flower from Nest of Posies (different colors for each girl) and a little print about Christmas.  Nest of posies was SO DARN SWEET.  She didn't see where I had asked for them to be done by the party, so she OVERNIGHTED THEM! It cost as much as I paid for the posies, so it was practically like she gave them to me for free. This girl is KIND....go buy from her.  The scarfs she sells are awesome!! She is closed for the holiday so you can go see her blog here. SUPER FUN.

Okay, go plan your party.
We are doing another one in the spring, it was so fun!

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  1. I love this! I think it would make a fun twist for a birthday party - everyone goes home with presents! So how did you decide who got what? Did you draw names from the bowl and then pick a random gift when it was your turn? Were the gifts wrapped or could you see what you were choosing from?