Thursday, December 29, 2011

{the everyday}

Some of my favorite things are everyday things. Snuggling. Paying Bills. Cooking.
 Sometimes I forget to get photos of these things.
When Finn was about seven or eight weeks, I snapped a couple pictures of him doing everyday things with Brandon, and I made Brandon take some of us.  Don't judge my messy cooking self.  Or the fact that I am breaking a million safety rules by putting my child on the counter.  Or the diet mountain dew that I shouldn't be drinking.  Just don't judge...and appreciate that this is 'day to day'...and I want to remember it.

My goal this year, in 2012, is to focus much more on the everyday. The simple parts of life.
If I am going to be a stay at home mom, life is going to be a little less "EXCITING', but much more FULL.  Meaning, there might be less big time events, but the little moments each day will be so much more special.

I'm pumped to change the way I document life.
Cooking with my man...
Surfing the net with Finn...

Snuggling and forcing kisses on our man...


Look at those fingers :)
I decided as I begin to change the way I photograph, I am going to try to change the way I document the year. I'm going to try "project life" this year.  Every year I make at least one shutterfly book with random photos, but I have not been very happy with the quality of the photos in there.  I love printing photos at, and that is where I recommend everyone go when they print photos that I take.... so I plan on printing out photos once a week/every two weeks... and then sticking them in this book and journaling as I go.  With this being the first year with a baby in the house, and Eli hopefully joining the family this year, I want to document life as it goes.  I don't want to miss the everyday!  Finn is changing SO FAST!

I am so happy that my "friend" Stephanie introduced me to Project Life.  She is ridiculously creative, awesome...and also a really neat Christian Army wife.  I happened to find her online. Realized her husband worked with mine and she lived near me. Stalked her. We emailed. Never met. Then realized we had mutual friends. Still never met. She moved. I still think she's awesome. End of story. But now you know what a stalker I am.  She is not really my friend, but in my mind we are...

Watch out bloggers, I might call you my friend if we are not careful.

Oh, and no updates on Eli. Not yet.

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  1. OH Brookie this is so perfect :) Start reading the book I sent you! A- It's AH-mazing. B- It will only significantly enhance your goal for this year, and you will intimately enjoy the Lord through every little thing. Gosh, you are seriously going to love it!

  2. um we aren't friends???? b/c i call you my friend too. :) SO excited to see you do this! xxo

  3. He is so stinkin cute! You look bogged down and euphoric at the same time ,life is wonderful like that!

  4. Hi Brooke,
    As always, love your blog! Just wanted to confess I stalk stephanie too. :) my mom was in one of her scrapbook classes in Waco, so I have way less connection than you! Funny. I keep telling people about your favorite things party too. I really want to do it!