Friday, October 28, 2011

The weeks are flying...

It is wild how fast life goes by when you have a child.
I don't think it slows down.

I remember when I lost Briar, time did not fly.  It seemed as though time dragged.
Because I was missing the baby that should have been home with me.
We went to Europe when it has been two and a half weeks...right now it has been only four weeks and I can't imagine that we would have been two weeks into our backpacking trip this time last year. CRAZY.

Now, I am consumed with time spent with sweet Finn.  


I love being a mom.  It is unlike anything I could have imagined.
I have been a mom for over a year, but I have had nothing to hold to remind me...
Photos were all I had to hold...

Now I have a sweet, sweet boy.
Sometimes I sit in the nursery after feeding him and i just cry...thinking how lucky I am to have him.  
It is quite a responsibility!
And another one in Africa, who I pray for all the time. I wonder if he is born ...he probably is...where he is right now.  Is he safe? Is he with his mom? Is he hungry?

We should have our referral in the next couple of months. We are so excited to find out his age.

With my sweet 12lb 9oz baby (as of Thursday morning..3 weeks, 4days), I have a feeling he will probably be bigger than his brother, even if his brother is older... :)  

Some photos for you to check out.  In case you want to see some more.. go see them on my friend Jess' blog..

Look at my have to say this is handsome!

Who does he look like? I don't think he looks like either of us...

gray ric rac copy


  1. He is a little of both of you:) One cute baby!

  2. Oh Brooke! He's perfect! So excited for you and Brandon and so thankful for your blog so we can see how you're doing! :)

  3. I see a little Brandon, especially in the last picture! Give it a few weeks though and I bet he'll change and be looking like you too. Can't believe he is such a big boy! He's going to pass Charlotte up soon :)