Sunday, October 16, 2011

Has it already been two weeks?

Somehow, my sweet child is already two weeks old.

I can't handle it!  He is so sweet.
Parenthood is not what I thought it would be.  Not in a bad way....but FOR EXAMPLE:
I thought I would be a parent who was laid back when my child cried....because babies cry and that is normal...
But, I turn into psycho mama when my baby is crying.  Do you need food, sweet child? Do you need to be held?  What do you need?  I am CRAZY.  What happened to the laid back me...that could just let my baby chill out..? Nope...that parent is NOT me...

I thought that I would be a parent who would pass my baby around to anyone that wanted to hold him.  Germs help the immune system build up, right?!  Well...apparently that part of me quickly disappeared as well...because I don't want people to hold him...for two reasons...first because I love to hold him....and second because I don't want their germs to get him.  ESPECIALLY when it is a ton of people.  It is not as bad when it is just a couple people...but GOODNESS...what is wrong with me?!?!

Is it because I lost a baby?  I don't know...I just don't know...
But either way, I'm holding this baby tight today...and I'm so thankful that he is two weeks old... :)
finn week one

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  1. Aaaahhh...that's the beauty of a sling or Moby or some kind of cozy carrier. It's a way you can hold him yourself and not have to pass him around without having to say "Sorry. No public holding today." Once he is snug in one of those things, no one will ever ask to take him out. :)

    I love reading the mom God has made you to be to Finn. And I LOVE the pics with the hats. Millie loved them too.

  2. Brooke,
    I have been checking in to see how you are doing, and Finn is just precious! What a blessing! Congratulations, enjoy every moment!

  3. You're not crazy, I was the same way. I read about a study once that proved that babies' cries really do short circuit their mamas' brains. I think it's a reaction that God gave us for a reason.

  4. AHHH! I am dying he is sooooo cute! and yes, I was that parent too! it fades when they get a bit older. no worries you are a great Momma!!! Did i mention he is SOOOO cute!?

  5. First of all... you baby is SO CUTE!!! I just smile and smile looking at his sweet face. Secondly, I just told Matt yesterday that when Asa comes, I don't want to share him with anyone. I was like that with my first baby a little, not at all with my 2nd and 3rd, and Rachel was a different situation all together - but Asa...I just think that I'm going to want him all to myself - at least for a while.

    The part about wanting him to stop crying...totally expected. The part about holding him...I think it has to do with having to let go of Briar too soon, but I'm going from my own experience. And honestly, I don't plan on putting Asa down if I don't have to! I can't wait to bring him home. Enjoy this sweet time, Mama! You've worked so hard for these moments. I'm so happy for you!

  6. He is beyond cute in those hats!! Sweet! That is your baby and you have earned the right to be selfish with him, lol! You will get more lax in the weeks to come. One day the exhaustion will hit and you will be saying "Someone hold this baby for me"! Enjoy, enjoy, and enjoy!

  7. Over the coming years you will be SHOCKED at how many BK Words (before kids) you said, that you will soon have to eat. Trust me, I have a stomach full! :)
    Enjoy every fleeting second!

  8. Oh he is just perfection!!! And what I did (bc I didn't want to pass around my babies either) was wore them (well, the last 2 babies. Couldn't wear twins) in a one ever asked to take them out! So wear him proudly! ;-)

  9. Finn is precious - hold him all you like. With my first three babies I was very content to hold them, or pass them around, it didn't really matter to me. But since losing Noah, I wanted everybody to hold Jon when he was a newborn. It actully made me a little sad when someone didn't ask to hold him - I wanted everybody to marvel with me at my beautiful, alive, precious baby. Enjoy every little second and all those beautiful newborn cries!

  10. He is so darn cute!!!
    You're not crazy...just a mother.
    Amelia's Mommy

  11. Hi, I stumbled across your blog because someone had pinned your nursery on Pinterest and I saw it. Which is so cute by the way!! Anyways, I read your story about Briar and I was encouraged by your trust in God. I also wanted to say congrats on the birth of your little Finn! He looks very sweet. My son recently turned one and I can't believe how fast it went! Enjoy! :)