Sunday, August 14, 2011


There is a lot going on...but my photoshop is acting up, so I keep putting off posting because I don't want to post with no picture or a lame picture. So for now, I'll use one or two that relate to something going on RIGHT NOW.
Ashley Ann, who I have been a secret (PUBLIC) blog stalker for quite a while gave a sweet girl, Beth, my name.  {oh blog world, how I adore your innerworkings..}  Beth is a strong believer who has a vision for seeing orphans find forever homes. In fact, her family is in the process of raising their adoption finances for an adoption from ETHIOPIA...obviously a place close to my heart...  She started an awesome website, Give1 Save 1, that basically has the idea that if each person gives $1, it will bring these sweet babies that much closer to coming home!  Your $1 really will make a difference.

Different families will be featured each week, and I personally plan to give each week...because who can't spare $1/week....knowing that the eternal impact is so great?
Just go check it out!
If you go over to could give...or at the bottom of my blog.
Kind of crazy what can happen when people come together.
Also, if you look above, you will see a SUPER sneak peek of some of our maternity shots!  They are low resolution files for be watching sweet capture photosite  for the rest to come up!  Also, you can see the blatant difference in my sweet husband's hair....the pictures WITH HAIR are taken in November 2010...about 2.5 months after we had Briar...right before we conceived Finn... crazy.  The only months I have NOT been pregnant in 2010 and 2011... :)  The rest were taken about two weeks ago.  To be honest, I was really crabby that day.  Probably the best day to take photos, right?
I remember praying during them....Lord, give me a loving heart. Allow my heart to be humble towards my AMAZING husband.  It didn't work until the end.  I finally softened up. Oh, pregnancy hormones...
And to shout out to that amazing husband of mine...he shaved his head, because he knew I loved it.  That is a great man....
I began liking him in HIGH SCHOOL right before the STATE SWIM CHAMPIONSHIPS....because I saw him with a shaved head.
And I'm married to him :)

I hope you are doing well!  Have a wonderful week.
My goal is to FIX my PHOTOSHOP and begin posting some more pictures!
Feel free to share this if you have a means to do so...blogging platform, facebook, etc.  All of us involved with would appreciate it!

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  1. love your newest pics! You are so precious! Glad to see that little boy growing inside of you!!!

  2. Found your blog through lay baby lay and the give1save1 sites. Donated to your adoption process! We are in the process of adopting from Zambia and it's so great to hear of other Christian families who are passionate about the same thing. Our adoption isn't quite public yet but hopefully will be in the next few months. God bless your growing family!