Wednesday, July 27, 2011

32 weeks, random life...

I am finally home after a week away.
I feel like I am barely catching up.
And we are going to leave again next weekend to go out of town again.
But this time it is with my husband, which I am so happy about.
He has been so busy at work.
I am so excited that we will get some time together. He is my best friend...and I have missed the time together!
I have been excited to show Brandon all the fun things I got in Kentucky.

This is the double stroller that I got at one of my showers.  I am so excited and I long for the day that I have my two boys to go in there :)  I left it in Kentucky for now, but I'm going to pick it up next time I"m there!  I have the canopy down on ONE side because I'm wondering if I can get away with jogging with only one child in there....and putting the canopy down on the other side... :)  I have big plans...


Then there is this guy.  I spotted him on the side of the road on trash day in Kentucky when I was on the way to my in law's house.  I wanted to stop and get it, but I was running late.  On the way home, I seriously considered stopping to get it, but I wondered if a big pregnant girl trying to grab trash (ie. large, heavy chair...)  off the street and throw it in her luxury station wagon might attract attention. (PS...trying to get rid of the luxury station wagon.  Will even take a mini van...really ANYTHING but a jaguar station wagon.  It has 30,000 you have something you want to trade me?? :)

Anyway, I told my dad I needed to go check something out. I suckered him in.  He was embarrassed, but followed my directions to grab this chair from the side of the road.  So we got it...and I hauled it all the way back to Georgia.  I can't decide if it will be mostly a photo prop or if I will use it in the house.  Either way, the color is pretty cool :)  The faded areas look worse in the photo than they are.  It just looks pretty cool in person :)

This is all for now.
32 weeks.
Saw a friend who was due with her baby the same day as Briar.  She is a great friend and I see her all the time.  But I had a moment where I just looked at him and wished that Briar were here....that he would be that big...but I know he wouldn't be that big, because the Lord always intended for him to live his life in heaven.  But I sure wish he were here...and I got to experience that now.

As we move forward with Finn, I know we will have moments of sadness, missing Briar, but I sure can't wait for that immense joy that will come with holding a sweet baby in my arms.

8 weeks or less. Pretty exciting!
Can't wait!

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  1. oh my goodness!!! that orange chair is awesome!!!!

  2. i was thinking of briar just this morning. precious little guy. y'all are on my mind frequently. GREAT find with your chair btw!!!

  3. I found your blog through faces and I just wanted to say sorry for your loss! But also congratulations on the new bundle!

  4. I found your blog via Beth at Give1 Save1 and saw this post. I love to grab furniture and sundries on heavy trash day and it's like a joke around my house. I have all these plans...and a lot of other people's old stuff. LOVE your chair! Totally jealous!