Monday, February 21, 2011


Today is President's day.
For me, that means that I do not have to work.
TO me, that means I am SO, SO HAPPY!!!

Guess what I have done so far??
Well, I rolled out of bed as late as I wanted, which turned out to be 9:30am...about 5 hours past my normal wake up.
I did 5 push ups to wake up.
Then I went in to my espresso machine and got a shot of decaf espresso (I like the taste, okay?).
I did 5 push ups (yes, this is my attempt to make you think that I am actually doing something productive this morning)
Then I came back and watched the end of Regis and Kelly.
I did 5 more push ups..
And watched Ellen, while I browsed ETSY. Let me be real with you...I rarely watch TV.
So this is heaven. No obligations...
I know very well that ANY DAY NOW....or ANY YEAR NOW....I won't have the opportunity to EVER do this..ALONE (Brandon is off four wheeling in a JEEP through the woods..). And so I am taking these moments.
I will drag myself to the gym here in a little while.
But for now, I am just enjoying the relaxing Monday.

It is 11:49. On a normal Monday, I would have just delivered my 22 second graders to the lunch room. :) Instead, I am just putting my workout clothes on to get out of this house. I feel great about it.

I am spending some time today calling USAA about the last document we need for our adoption. Hooray!

Lately I have been preoccupied with embroidery hoops.
I would like to learn how to do this.  search: Embroidery  search: Embroidery  search: Embroidery

FInd it here

Find this cute thing here!!

Some of my favorite embroidery hoops ever are found over at Ashley Ann's in this post.

I better go get busy, making the best of my day off :)
gray ric rac copy


  1. Have a great day off! We were supposed to be off today too, but had to make up a snow day!! :(

  2. I am also obsessed with embroidery hoops! It is what fueled my desire to take up embroidery. :-)

    One project finished, 4 or 5 started LOL