Thursday, January 13, 2011

4 months and baby Cadence!

Four months...
Today it's been four months since I said goodbye to my man. It feel so much longer. Like an eternity. I didn't really even remember that it was today until I wrote the date on the board, in my classroom. "Oh",I thought," it's the 13th. Briar would be four months. Happy birthday buddy!" Immediately after, my best bud Rebecca came in and told me "Happy Birthday Briar" and I got a text from my sweet friend Melissa. Those are the only two that mentioned it all day. Don't hear me wrong. That was perfect. I don't need to be fawned over, I just want to REMEMBER him. I need to know that he meant something. He DID. To many people. Especially to us. It feels like it was 10 years ago. But gosh, I guess I'm thankful that it is still somewhat I can still remember what it felt like to hold him. To touch those sweet feet!

That being said....I needed a baby fix this week. My friend Britton had her sweet baby girl, Cadence, 13 days ago. I cannot believe that I didn't make it to meet her until she was 12 days old!!

Britton's hubby had a dead battery in his car and she had to leave me with the sweet girl. You can probably guess what happened. I forced her into a photoshoot. By the end, she was getting a little crabby. Like, "Enough already, Lady. I don't even know you and you are stripping me down, trying to take pictures of me. WWWWAHHHHH". "I've had it!". I wasn't really prepared for a shoot either, so these are just random and not perfect. But worth sharing, since she is so super cute.

I hope you have a wonderful Thursday.

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  1. I have been thinking of you today...Briar's name was at the top of my calender today! Praying for sweet and brave mama.


  2. Happy 4 months Briar! It's funny how it can seem like just yesterday and ten years ago all at the same time. That Cadence - she is just too cute for words! :)

  3. ♥Briar♥

    And lovely photos!! What a sweetie.