Sunday, November 21, 2010

NATL. Adoption DAY

Yesterday was National Adoption Day.

I should probably warn you, so it doesn't come out of the blue. God is completely twisting our hearts and our wallets and our arms and our minds to point towards adoption.  It couldn't be more obvious that this is the direction we need to move. As much as we think it might be logical to wait a couple years, we feel a major tug to move forward with it.  So we will.
Financially, it even makes sense. It looks like there is still a tax credit through 2011. So we'll see.
Our major prayer right now is to discern between adopting one or two at a time.  It is much cheaper to do two, and we have always thought we would adopt several children, maybe even siblings.
But do we want young children? I think so.
That is going to mean several children under two.
Then if we end up pregnant...
THREE children under two.
Have we lost our minds?
Gone completely bonkers?
We are still praying about it.  Asking. Seeking. Waiting.
But we know it's going to happen.
It's just a matter of time.
Before someone comes into our home to do a homestudy. And ask us all sorts of invading questions.
To find out if we are fit to have a child here.
I hope we will prove worthy.
Today my mom said she saw a little baby that was very dark skinned with a Caucasian family.  She said she couldn't stop staring. She said they probably thought she was rude but she couldn't stop thinking about us. Our family. What it might look like NEXT YEAR!!
This is not a well thought out or beautiful post, but I had to share.
Because as I go to sleep tonight I am praying for our child/children...that might or might not be born yet.

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  1. You can put us down as a personal reference! Praying for you and B.

  2. I love that God has given so many of our friends a heart for adoption!! And all around the same time! Our CRU or Kalmia reunions a year or 2 down the road are going to be an awesome picture of God's grace!!!
    Definitely glad to be walking through this with you all!

  3. That's so awesome Brooke! You and Brandon were made for this... :)

  4. I say definitely go for two at a time! I might have a slight bias. :)

  5. Love this! I hadn't even thought about doing two at a time... And I didn't know that it was cheaper! We definitely need to talk more!