Monday, November 1, 2010

Need some Inspiration?

Walking through something tough is never easy.
But let's face it....everyone will walk through something HARD in their life.
All of us.
It might not be as tough as losing a child. It might be worse. It might be losing a whole family. It might be losing a parent or a friend or even a pet. But everyone will walk through HARD, seemingly unbearable times.

When we were originally faced with Briar's diagnosis, I was devestated.  But I felt as though I had a GOOD, Soverign God walking us through this journey (and all of our lives).
Brandon told me that he had prayed that we would experience something that would draw us to himself (God). Well, we sure experienced that!
Today, i was completely humbled (AGAIN) by reading and listening to the story of Matt Chandler.  I have always felt this way about the story, but I had never watched the video of him right after he found out that he had a very severe cancer that needed to be operated on NOW (that was just about one year ago)pr.  Just amazing.  I am telling you that finding out about what we were facing with Briar was not was HORRIBLE. But I felt very similar to him when I found out.  I felt honored that we would be able to show God to others. Brandon felt like this pretty immediately, where it took me a couple days to feel this in my soul.  Sometimes now, as I walk the journey, it can be hard to remember this.
I needed this today.
It renewed my spirit!

Check more on his story out here....

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