Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Car Town

My dad is so sweet. He emailed me today to tell me that "Car Town" was going to the trash.
When I was little, he used to let me come down to his workshop and create whatever I wanted. He let me mostly use hot glue and scrap wood and paint. I remember creating this world for some little cars I had and then painting it fun colors. I used the Garfield guy that was attached to a skateboard and also Garfield in a car.
I remember it clearly.
My friend Meghann Chipko, my neighbor, helped me make it.

My dad told me I should contact her and make sure she doesn't want it. :) I told him he could probably go ahead and throw it out. But those were good memories. There is something special when you give a child a pile of things and tell them to just create. It is amazing the things they create when we aren't putting parameters around them. I'm not saying that car town was life changing or amazing. But it was so fun.  Note to self: second graders can create way beyond the parameters I put on them. I'm going to keep that in mind when I go back to school. (I am getting eager!)
Isn't it sort of interesting that I had bright colors and polka dots back then too? ...
Some things never change!!!

gray ric rac copy


  1. Oh....please don't trash Car Town! I promise you that one day you will want to share it with Briar's brothers and sisters. It is TOO cute!!

  2. hello. :) i found your blog because i just left a comment on my good friend heather's blog and you had left a comment there. i liked what you said and then clicked on you and YOU LOVE POLKAS too. i'm in love with polkas and ric rac. and i really like your blog. it's super cute. glad i found it.

  3. you're not going to believe this... i had a scrap wood world i created with my dad too! all my mcdonald's toys "lived" there and i had roads, stores, houses... the works!
    you're is so pretty!