Sunday, October 24, 2010


We are finally home from our three plus weeks traveling. It was so much fun, but to be honest, was not super relaxing. We will remember this trip forever.  We went to Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and England. We did not stay in one hotel room for more than two nights. We lived out of our backpacks. My backpack varied from 29-35lbs. I carried it everywhere. I am so used to wearing very wrinkly clothing. I am used to very baggy jeans. I am good friends with the ponytail holder and not very great friends with the straightening iron. We went from 80degrees F. to 20 degress F.  Have fun packing for that... I cannot wait to workout and have time to "get ready" for a day. I am in my home today. I will sleep in my own bed tonight. I can't tell you how AWESOME that feels!

But I am SO GLAD we decided to do that. I think the Lord lined up that timeline perfectly for Brandon to have that time off. We were able to "GET AWAY" from normal life. From the routines.  We were able to talk about our memories with Briar. Not all the time, but since we had no other focus, it came up more often.  It was great. And perfect.  Was every moment of the trip perfect? No! In fact, traveling can bring out the worst in you...did you know? Tired, irritated, hot (or cold), worn out, confused, irritated, etc.  Those feeling make for some interesting words that come out :)  Let's just call them good learning experiences in marriage. :)

I saw some great friends along the way, and even met some new friends. We made our way over on military "hops"...and so we met some great military retirees and spouses.
We left the dogs with the grandparents while we were away...and my parents drove down today to bring the dogs back to us. I am so happy to see them (by them, I mean my parents and DEFINITELY the dogs too!!!!). I hate to tell you who I hugged might have been the four legged family...

I will leave you some photo highlights from the trip..
These are not highlights because of the photo quality but because of the memories.
Warning: I do not prefer 'landscape' you will notice people in most pictures.
I have not even emptied my D80 yet, only my point and shoot.
All for today. More to come.
Train with Krista in Stuttgart
Volksfest, the second largest Oktoberfest in Germany.  Playing beatles.."Yellow Submarine" when we walked in :)
Pretty much the only picture of all of us, as the girls prepared to Paraglide.
At the top of the mountain above Murren, Switzerland....

Beautiful town of Riomaggiore,  where we stayed in Cinque De Terre Italy.
Roma :)
The really cool Colosseum, just as cool the second time!

Our sweet friend "Nic the Brit" who we met when she studied at the University of Kentucky. She is so SMART, getting her PHD at Cambridge University ...

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  1. So I just sent you a FB message with about half of my questions asked already answered here. That's what I get for not swinging by your blog first, huh?
    HUGS to you, my friend!