Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Do you know God? Or go to a Church?
That may sound cheesy, but honestly, you wouldn't believe how the BODY of BELIEVERS rallies around someone who is hurting.
At least in a healthy church.
In my church. But also within my group of friends.  They are amazing.
I tell you this because of not only this story, but so many where people have reached out to us or found out about us through a crazy network of people. But I love that.  It is special.  It is the way we are supposed to walk alongside each other in pain.
My friend Danielle, who I met through Campus Crusade for Christ in college (and I think is adorable and sweet and you can find her blog here)...showed my blog to a friend of hers.  This friend adopted a baby from Kazakhstan and brought her home only about five months ago.  She just turned five!  How exciting is that??
Her name is Kari.  SHe is super sweet. She contacted me about doing a joint adoption fundraiser.  She has a super cute blog.

 She also has a website where she sells super fun things.  The proceeds go to pay off adoption debt.  What an amazing thing!  She is going to post about this and for the next two weeks, our adoption for Briar's Brother will get a portion of the proceeds! How amazing is that? How selfless! She doesn't have to do that!  Do you know that some of the people who have given to our adoption are also in the midst of raising money for their own adoption? It was funny, because as I put up the link to our paypal, I went on someone's adoption site and bought a fundraiser shirt for $20+$2 shipping.  When I payed for it, through paypal, I realized that I had just received our first donation, for $25!!  That left me with a  $3 profit.  How awesome.  This weekend we had a sermon at church about giving. Although we personally give to many places, I know that I often give just enough so I can stay comfortable.  It was fun to realize that although we are raising money, we are also a part of the body of believers, and we still have to give. :)  It would be easy to hoard all our money for US.  We are trying to raise almost $30,000.  That can seem daunting at times!  Anyway, just a conviction I felt this weekend, I don't want you to think I am trying to guilt you into giving....because I sometimes feel a little moved :) Please don't mis-interpret!

Here are some things from her store. You really should check it out here.  Think of the good cause. :) Two special adoptions. One little girl who is home with her family in California and the other would be one or two little boys that are waiting in Ethiopia. Possibly not even conceived yet. Possibly already in their momma's belly. Possibly already born.  But they're not home yet. We are here.  Waiting. :)

These cute little dolls can be customized however you want to look like your child or the little girl or guy you're giving them to.  Obviously, she has cute fabric taste (Amy Butler?!) and she can even put a cute little name on them.  You choose how they look, hair color, etc. :) FUN!

I know if you are a photographer, you want to be a photographer or you have children....especially probably already have a tutu.  But couldn't you use another one :) I seriously think I'm going to buy a cute one for pictures. Because I know two sweet babies I want to keep taking pictures of...and every girl needs a cute little tutu. These are also customizable with ribbon and colors.

 I just think these ladybugs are cute.  Again, cute fabric under there...and I know there are many options with these. I also saw frogs on her website.

Happy Shopping. :) And Thanks in advance.


  1. Nice post Brooke! One of my best friends here at school just had a book published about Generosity, "God So Loved He Gave", Zondervan Press 2010 (should be out in early Nov, the main author is Kelly Kapic and my friend is Justin Borger). Anyway, it is a systematic look at generosity in the Bible. For instance, one thing you quickly see is the central part of John 3:16, God so loved that he GAVE! What could be more generous that how God gives. We are made in the image of this Giving and Generous God and we reflect his image when we give. We were made to give. Thanks for sharing! It is so right that in your deepest point of need you turn around and give to others. So cool!

  2. Your blog was passed along to me by a friend... thank you for sharing your story. I wish you and your family the best on your journey to adoption. You are a true inspiration. I will be placing an order on the adoption fundraising site soon, thanks for sharing the info!!

  3. Brooke, I have been reading your blog now for weeks and it is amazing! What an inspiration you are. I just went to your friend's website and bought a few items for my nephew and a friend of mine's daughter. They will make great Christmas presents and the best part is that part of the profit goes to two great causes! - Beth Sublette Cheak

  4. Thanks for your support! And Donny, I just think that it is such a calling to give...but also a commandment. We try to honor God in that, but it is give selflessly. Thanks so much for all of your support, friends!

  5. I ordered a doll for my granddaughter Brooke. Thanks for the link. Love the doll and know the money is going for a good cause! Thinking of you.
    Teresa Cordon
    Lexington, KY