Sunday, October 17, 2010

Felt Flower Fun :)

The other night...I'm not sure what got into me.
I just had an urge to craft.
I will tell you that I felt like it was a good sign.
Crafting is fun.
Sometimes when I'm sad I don't have much of an urge for fun.
I haven't wanted to craft much during the pregnancy.
Or I just couldn't muster the energy.
Or Motivation.
But I whipped out my felt the other night.
Googled "Felt Flower Tutorial"...and went to town.  Now that I'm looking for it, I can't find it. But I originally found it on this blog.
So I first made some little felt flowers. Basically, you cut out a circle out of felt (about the size of a cd).  Then you cut a circular pattern around and around until you have about one inch left in the middle of your circle.  Remember in elementary school when you played the fun game MASH? And you drew the circle spiraling? That is the kind of cutting you'll have to do.  Then you just wind it up and glue the leftover (one inch) of a circle to the rest.  HOT GLUE is your friend.
Then you cut out leaves. See how NOT precise they can be? That is why I am showing you.  I am NOT a crafter.  I am an "experimenter".  

Then I cut felt for a base, so I would have something to glue everything on to.  Then I arranged it and glued it all down to one piece of felt.  I glued it to the headband and put the other piece of felt down to cover the mess.  See...crafting is really just a pile of hot glue and a mess....sounds kind of like my life. :)
I think they're kind of fun.
Then i got wild.

The brown one was inspired by my wreath (see below) I'm not sure that I love it. But you know I"ll wear it at least once.  I love a statement piece. :)  At least I know I could make a successful wreath.
Hope you have an awesome SUNDAY!


  1. they look so cute! i LOVE working with felt. you did a great job!
    and if you ever get in a craft-rut, just let me know. i can always use a crafting buddy

  2. can we please make some of these?! in DEEP purple and turquoise and cream? YUM!!!! i want some for the little miss. and me. :) i so miss you...

  3. Meghan Mesalam BoroughOctober 17, 2010 at 6:34 PM

    WOW - what a wreath! I love your headbands, too. Miss you and love you, B. Thinking of you often - I wish we could have a crafting date sometime! :)

  4. Umm...your wreath is by far the cutest wreath I've ever seen! I want a lesson on how to make it!