Monday, October 18, 2010

The cutest bags...

 My sweet, amazingly talented friend Kathryn, who made the adorable blanket that Briar laid on...(it is on our bed now), the programs for the celebration,....also has a shop.  It is on facebook now, hopefully on etsy soon.  Check it out here...and buy something cute!!  Or just stop by and give her some feedback.  OR go tell her how impressed you are that she is so multi talented. A wonderful singer. A beautiful person.  A great quilt maker. An amazing friend and sister.  A beautiful flower maker (check the one out on the bag, she also makes them for your hair with any fabric, just ask her).  She makes me smile.  One of the many people that the Lord has used to encourage me during this time.  Hope you find something fun.  Who wouldn't want to receive something sweet from her shop as a gift?
I love this bag especially because it reminds me of Briar's blanket (See it peeking out, above?) And it's Amy Butler fabric...which just makes me smile anyway.  I'm hoping to buy the one below, so don't set your sights on it. :)


  1. Ahh I love her bags. I told Ian I want one for my birthday. :)

  2. REALLY cute bags - very talented young lady!
    LOVE the "Briar's Bag", too - very sweet of her to do that!
    Hope you all are having fun and staying safe!

  3. I loved ALL of her bags, it was so hard to pick a fabric. I am going to have to order another!

  4. I am loving my Briar's Bag! Kathryn does excellent work and the quality of her creations is amazing. She is very talented and I would recommend InPieces to everyone! ;)