Sunday, September 5, 2010


Really looking forward to going to church this morning.
Worshipping the Lord.
Casting my cares on him.
Singing to him.
And remembering that I have no control.
He knows the days of our son, he has them numbered.
I just want a passion for the Lord, so I can pursue him.  
Even in this pain, I find myself trying to do it myself.
Trying to grieve alone, sometimes.
Trying to make myself busy so I won't feel the pain.
The Lord knows this, and he walks alongside me.
I am thankful for our AMAZING church family at MyCHURCH.
Even some of my friends are pictured below.
I hope you have a place to worship today.
Maybe it's in your sunroom, or your family room, or your church, or your bedroom.  I just hope you have a place to reflect on all the ways you are blessed, and to pray to the God who has given us all things, and thank him for the blessings in your life.
I have many!

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