Thursday, September 2, 2010

Do you know the whole story?

Feeling super lucky to have a friend like Jess to capture and share our story.
She is such a dear friend.  Those were here kids a couple posts ago...
Please check out the rest, especially if you don't know the trials were facing. It will sum it up pretty well for you.  In fact, I believe she tells it much more beautiful than I could (and paints us in a super flattering light I'm not sure we deserve).

Still praying, waiting....Thanks for your prayers and support.
I am uncomfortable but trying to praise God for these painful moments that I will miss in a matter of weeks.


  1. Friends, we love ya'll so much. We are honored to be praying for you guys, especially over the next several days. These pictures are truly beautiful.

  2. I love (we love) you all so dearly!!!!! Your pictures are amazing! I think of you often and pray for you in those moments. HUGS and love!!!! What memories to cherish and ponder over for years to come.....May the Lord be with you and keep you!

  3. Beautiful, Brooke. thinking of you!

  4. B, your pics are amazing, and I know they will continue to take a more precious and treasured place in y'alls lives as time passes. I'm so glad you guys were able to do that! You look BEAUTIFUL. Thinking of you and praying deeply for you. MISS YOU!

  5. brooke, you look absolutely adorable and make pregnancy look so cute! ryan and i were looking at the pictures last night and all he could say was, "man, that brandon whitis is one good looking guy." please tell brandon that ryan's man love continues despite being so far from you guys. we are praying! briar couldn't have been given more amazing, godly parents.

  6. What wonderful pictures of the THREE of you - something we will all cherish forever! Such an incredible journey and an incredibly FAITH-FILLED walk! I am proud of you! I know that God has a plan for all He does...and while we don't always understand it, we have to keep our Faith in Him and Depend on Him....and so many people that love you - and your families - have been and will continue to bless your family with prayers and love and support...
    LOVED the pics...they capture each of your strong, crazy, zany, loving spirits! Stay strong in our God and know that He will see you through!!
    Love you ALL!!!

  7. Hi Beautiful Woman! Hannah told me about your blog and your pregnancy. Congratulations on experiencing the miracle of new life growing within. It is so amazing, isn't it? I am very touched by your story. I saw babies with a variety of issues when working as a nurse at UK on the neonatal intensive care unit as a nurse. If we don't judge it as things going wrong, but just see that every creation is unique, it becomes more of a wonder than a problem. I can see that you already know this. I hope your good attitude and encouraging faith stay with you. You are an inspiration. hugs-Susie Schweder Bell