Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Amazing Friends..

I have already bragged quite a bit about my sweet friends and church family here in Georgia.  They have been so amazing to walk alongside us during this entire journey.  I know I told you that I did not tell many friends about the celebration. Especially friends far away. But my friends from college found out about it. Brandon's roommates found out. And they rallied. And they came. The pastor who did our wedding, who we love so much, came with his sweet family....from close to ORLANDO FLORIDA.  It really made the time so special. We didn't ask them to come. But they figured out when it was and they showed up.

It was a great distraction too. Thursday night, when we came back from spreading some ashes (potentially sad), they were there, sitting on a swing and looking out at the water. And we sat. And talked. Until late.  Friday morning, after everything was over, and it might have been sad...they were there. We went to Panera. They came back to the house. It was so fun! And not to mention perfect to see them. These pictures don't include all of them. Brandon's three roommates and the sweet wife who came had to take off Thursday night because they had to WORK on Kentucky!!! Our friends Steph and Sarah also took off back to Western and Northern Kentucky respectively...because one of them had to work as well. These were the sweet friends who were able to stay until Friday.  We felt so LOVED that they were able to come.  We knew it was a huge sacrifice to drive so far for such a short time.  But it was really sweet.

I had to include the picture of my parents. This was about 6 days post baby. About 3 days post hospital. It was my first big dinner out. I tried to dress up. :) I love my parents. I was so glad they were here.  That's all for today :)
I almost hated to post today because I loved coming to the blog to see all the celebration pictures.  They are so HAPPY!

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  1. I'm so glad your loved ones got to be there. I really enjoyed meeting your college girls! You look amazing!!

  2. Hey Brooke! My cousin emailed me your blog info. We are a family of 5 in MS who are in the process of bringing home our baby girl from Ethiopia! I love connecting with other adoptive families! Excited to follow your journey to Briar's Brother!