Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Can you tell?

I'm not sure if you can tell, but in picture number one, I was measuring 42 weeks pregnant. In picture number 2, on the same day (or possibly the following day) I was measuring 30 weeks pregnant. I wish I had a better profile picture of it.
They took 3 liters of fluid out of my belly via amnio reduction. We could have put off delivery after doing this, but my doctors and midwives were concerned with some other risky bodily behaviors I had that might make for more problems the more weeks we waited. When my insurance said they needed the mother to have problems to induce, my body decided to respond with drastic measures :)  I often wish that the Lord would have allowed us to have 9 more weeks with him inside, but I know that his plans are much better than my own.
I love looking back on these pictures and remembering these kicks. It's crazy that just Sunday night I still had the little man in here.
SOmeone once told me that we spend so many more days with our babies in eternity than we ever will on earth. I try to remember that when I begin to feel sad.

I got to leave the hospital today. I've got heavy antibiotics and they are watching me, but I am so happy to be resting at home.
Tomorrow will be a big day for me. We are celebrating my son's life! :)

(forgive my hubby for trying to shoot in manual mode in the first one and then giving in to automatic on the second!)


  1. Wow! What a difference-42 weeks, I can't imagine! You look beautiful though! We will be thinking of you guys tomorrow!

  2. My cousin and his wife had the same thing happen 6 1/2 years ago with their baby girl. She had 15 miscarriages before she carried her little baby girl to term. Somehow they made it through and a year later she gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy you have ever seen. Now they have an amazing 5 year old who is full of life. When I had my first miscarriage everyone told me that God does things for a reason and I truly believe that it is true. I will be praying for you and your family.

  3. what a sweet eternal perspective to cling to!! When my grandfather passed away 2 years ago, we sang one of his favorite songs " The Christian's Goodnight" which says it really isn't a goodbye but a goodnight for one day we will meet again and spend forever with the Lord! And that always brings me comfort......Here is the first verse of the hymn:

    Sleep on, beloved, sleep, and take thy rest;
    Lay down thy head upon the Savior’s breast;
    We love thee well, but Jesus loves thee best—
    Good night! Good night! Good night!

  4. love the black and white shirt :-)

    and I like your positive outlook on life. it's inspiring.


  5. Brooke - Please know that you are in the thoughts and prayers of your school family. Please rest and be comforted by faith.

  6. Brooke, you look simply beautiful! I've been following your journey and you truly are an amazing woman! Thank you for sharing this journey with us, you are such an inspiration! Love you!

  7. Brooke, I do not know you, but I have been praying for you. I happened upon your blog several weeks ago because it was linked in something else I was reading, and it immediately caught my eye because I work at Sound Choices Pregnancy Clinic, where we are in the process of starting a Perinatal Hospice Program for our community. (I think Kathryn M. probably told you about it) I'm so blessed to read your thoughts and see you courageously embracing the promise that your son's life is a blessing from God, the One who loves you (& Briar) most! We at Sound Choices are praying for you, hoping to meet you one day if and when you are ready, and trusting that God's plan is beautiful & merciful in your family's life. If you'd like to talk, or connect with others who have walked this journey also, Kathryn has my number!
    Jennifer Lamb

  8. My husband and I have been following you thru another mom who is also in your shoes, her baby is a girl Ella Grace who hasn't arrived yet, we are so inspired by you both and how God's grace is so real and sufficient to meet our every need. You have indeed been on a very difficult journey but also the most sweet, precious and amazing one too. God keeps laying you and her on our hearts and I won't stop lifting you up to the Father. God's hand will not be moved from you. Thank you for sharing Briar with us. He is truly a gift and his little life has touched more people than you will ever know. To God be the glory.