Thursday, August 12, 2010

New dress...and some updates..

Well, yesterday I really tried to take a cute self portrait of the dress I wore. I just copied off my blog friend (who lives in the same town I do, yet we have never met) and bought this dress I found at Target. It is adorable, but I'm telling you that these pictures don't quite do it justice. I also might look tired after a day of running after kiddos :) This was yesterday, also the day of the ultrasound.
Not quite in focus :)
Also not in focus, with a nice dog in the view :)
I need to look at more of Ashley Ann's self portrait tutorials.
I will tell you that I was probably also tired after hearing some interesting updates on my labor. I passed my gestational diabetes test with flying colors :) but I found out that I have low platelets, which help your blood to clot (obviously).  I have below 100,000.  If it stays like this, I will not be able to have an epidural.  In normal life, I had high aspirations to learn all about the Bradley Method and try to have a natural labor.  But in this labor, we had decided that I would have an epidural because it is already goign to be very emotional and tough.  But it looks like we might be donig a natural labor after all. I also have high fluid levels (polyhydrosis or something?!) which means I will have to have amnio (the HUGE needle) stuck into me for several consecutive days to drain the fluid before labor. If I don't, it poses a health risk to me.
What a bummer!
It was kind of an overwhelming Doctor's appointment.
Lots of information.
Lots of new things to process.
I can't even look at that ultrasound very much.
The one of his profile.
It's hard to see.
I'm so afraid that I will be scared of the way he looks.
I am praying that I will just love him with my whole heart and not feel any sadness about the way he looks.
PRAYING for that earnestly today.


  1. I am praying for it too, Brooke! You look great by the way! {{{Hugs}}}

  2. LOVE the dress! Are you talking about Stephanie as the girl who also has that dress? It's super cute! Praying for you, especially that all your medical stuff works out concerning your epidural.

  3. Thanks for commenting, friends. It is tough to think about all these crazy details, but I believe and know that the Lord will work it out for good. But it is a little scary :)

  4. we're praying it for you too, Brooke!! {LOVE the dress, btw! And You do look great! We were so sad we couldn't make it to Jamie's wedding, we miss you all!}

  5. The hardest part before labor for me was wondering what Whitney would look like. She didn't have anencephaly but did have a chromosome disorder that could have physical abnormalities. As soon as she was born, my sister and the nurse went and bathed her, and while they were doing that I had my mom describe her to me. That helped me know what to expect, but in the end, she was so beautiful. Mine. Praying and knowing that will happen with you and sweet Briar, too!

  6. Hi friend. I just wanted to let you know you are the most awesomest person I know. True story. The end.