Monday, August 30, 2010


Well, the good new: It's Monday!
The Bad News: I'm just feeling guilty about having to leave my kids at school.
It's looking more and more likely that little Briar Allen will be born sooner rather than later!
We are waiting to hear from doctor's and insurance, but it seems like he just doesn't want to stay in this home I have made for him. :)
I am totally overwhelmed thinking about letting people down.  The 19 sets of parents in my class.  The kids in my class.  My principal.  I just feel like I can't take the whole 12 weeks, even if I end up needing it, because my poor class is a mess! They aren't reading, they don't write very well, and if I leave until November...what will happen? Does that sound too vain? As if I'm the only one that can do it? Well, I'll be honest, I do worry about if the substitute can get them to a place of fluent reading.  I am NERVOUS. Not to mention feeling nervous about all the normal things: Labor and Delivery. The crazy process's a lot to process.

As far as the actual pregnancy goes, it's not too bad.  To be honest, I think I feel about as 'miserable' as someone at 36 weeks would.  Did I forget to update you? At the last doctor's appointment, I measured 36 weeks of fluid and the little man had done some flips to turn head down.  So, all of this lined up to mean labor would make sense.  That was on Friday, which means I probably have even more fluid now.  If you're wondering why, he is not able to swallow, so the amniotic fluid he would be processing is just building up in my belly, blowing me up like a large balloon.  Case in point:  I wear an outfit that I think will work just fine today.  I mean, it wasn't my favorite fashion moment of all time, but I knew it would work.
I thought wrong.
I end up holding things over my belly all day so I don't look like a midriff baring hooker all day. :)  I took this picture to show you what it looked like if I didn't pull it down.  NOTE TO SELF: Do not wear normal tops when you are holding 36+ wks of fluid :)

On other notes...
I got frustrated with AG for always putting phone numbers, etc on the chalkboard. I told him, "It is supposed to be beautiful".  When I walked back in the kitchen, I saw this sunset that he drew.  It made me laugh for a good 20 minutes. He is no artist. But I really appreciated the beauty.  Especially the little birds.

This little pallet bed on the right (messy in the photo) is where I spent many of my afternoons.  It is in the room with the most natural afternoon light. I love to come in here and read after school when I think I  just can't stay awake another moment.  After church yesterday, I took a nice 3 hour nap on this nice little bed.
THanks to sweet Ashley Ann for the amazing idea.
we took a bunch of my maternity pictures on this bed!
Enough random comments for today? I think I will go take a walk with the hubs before it gets too late (it's 8:30 after all, nearing my bedtime for sure!)


  1. Thanks for sharing with us Brooke. You seize to amaze me everytime I read one of your posts, with your strong will and your awesome heart! I am praying for you and that you will have all the time you need with sweet Briar. look fabulous!

  2. Do NOT worry about about anything... I know you know this. Your school kids will be fine. Your hubby is great. He loves you so much. Tell him I love the artwork. Your clothes are adorable! Love that belly showing, you midriff baring hooker! Ha ha! Can't wait to see your pictures!

  3. You are amazing to be so concerned for the kids while you are going through your trials.... you and your hubby as amazing people and those kids are school will be FINE. They will all be eagerly awaiting your return. Just take time for yourself and your AG and let the Lord hold you. We love you.