Saturday, August 21, 2010

Doctor's Visit

PRetty exciting doctor's visit on Friday!
Let me tell you about the day, first of all.
I woke up at 4:30 to go to spin class at the gym. I was super tired and wanted to skip it ...but I am so used to 'making myself push through that feeling' that I went. I later reminded myself that I am pregnant and if my body needs sleep, I should take it.

Anyway, I went to spin, got ready at the gym, went to Starbucks (waited in line for 25 mintues, but it was worth it!)
Went to work...
Tried to be patient and kind and sweet until I left at 3pm.
Went to the doctor.
Found out my platelets went up to 124,000 (above 100,000 you can have an epidural). Praise God!
I feel so excited about that!!!
Then we found out my fluid levels are super high. I have the fluid that someone 33 weeks along should have. It is indicative that he is not swallowing properly. We might consider inducing early because of this issue, if it continues progressing like this. I go back next Friday.
We were able to see him 4d... (are you getting sick of these yet?)
You can see the puffy eyelids a little. It is cute because our ultrasound tech said babies that have cleft palate tend to keep their hand in front of that area.  Most babies have hands down or hands up next to their heads (of course, some will put them in front of their faces), but all anencephalic babies she has seen keep their hand on top of their forehead.  He's been like this EVERY SINGLE ULTRASOUND. ALmost like, "Don't look at this part, look at the rest of me, which looks great".  I suppose self consciousness starts early :) 
Open Mouth

We are thankful for this time with him.  He is kicking me in the ribs as we speak.  I am thankful for those moments, as uncomfortable as they can be :)
All this fluid is also a little uncomfortable, but I am choosing to be thankful for it.
AG had just returned from a funeral for one of his guys that passed away this rotation (We are doom and gloom over here, aren't we?? I suppose it's reality, but just tough...).  He got to go up and visit our friend Sara and her brand new baby.  Sad news is he met the baby before the dad did.  The dad is still deployed and wasn't able to come home for the birth.
I suppose I can count my blessings that AG has been here through this tough journey!!
So he got back yesterday and was there for the appointment. I was my midwife's last patient of the day so we sat and chatted until about 6:30.  My original appt was at 4pm!  It was a good time and made me feel at ease.  I just know I"m in great hands.
After the appointment we went to dinner at Fudruckers and saw one of my students. She was so sweet, she ran up yelling, "Mrs.Whitis, you didn't tell me you would be here!!". :)  She was my first star student this week, so definitely one of the cuties!
Anyway, then we went to see "SALT".  AG said it had, "Brangelina" in it. I told him it wasn't both of them and he said it was a package deal. He is such a goof.
We are still researching adoption agencies.  I didn't know, but recently found out that one of "Brangelina's" children is from Ethiopia.  Funny.
He went back to work tonight and I am going out with some of the ladies for a fun dinner.

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  1. He's beautiful Brooke! I'm so happy that you've had so many great in the womb shots and that you're feeling him move and kick. What a sweet blessing.