Monday, June 14, 2010

My internet is back!!

My internet has been gone!! We forgot that when we cancelled Charter cable on Friday, we did not sign back up for our new service until Monday...which left us with nothing from Friday morning until Monday morning. PRetty reliant we are on internet in this home!!

The weekend was wonderful!!! Friday Brandon and I had a fun date night. We went to see "A-Team" in the theater (I love to see movies!!) and then we picked up TGI Fridays to go and ate it as a picnic on the Riverwalk downtown. IT was super fun. Good quality time with my hubby is always the best date.
Thursday night I took pictures of my sweet friend Catherine and her hubby Adam. It was so fun. I will share some when they are edited.  I'm trying to talk the hubby into a MAC computer :) We'll see...

Brandon took a boys day to the lake on Saturday.  I tried to  make a ruffled camera strap...and went shopping for some FRG stuff.

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