Saturday, April 10, 2010

I love mail!!

Oh sweet Hay.  I am so thankful for you.  Do you know about Hayley? We met on a summer project with Campus Crusade for Christ in college. We went to Macedonia together.  It was the most amazing place. Such neat ministry to experience. And, it was beautiful.  
Hayley and I met and immediately connected. It was just one of those awesome things where you think, "have I known you my whole life? Because it feels like you are my sister"  I mean this girl knows me. She knew me before she even knew me! We talked and talked that first night. We both talked about seeing each other across the room and thinking we might be friends. Well we were. And we shared such amazing experiences on the streets of Macedonia. Learning to break into the Orthodox culture. Learning to say things like Zdravo.  Worshiping the LORD on a global summer project with people from all over the balkans.....
It was truly amazing.
Hayley is a life long friend. Obviously.
Only life long friends send you care packages :)
Well, enough of that....I'll show you what else she sent me. She sent me some of her favorite things. Because she went back to MK this past week, and felt a little bad that I wasn't coming...right in the midst of dealing with some things here in GA.  So, sweet Hayley. Not wanting me to feel sad. Sends me some of her favorite things.
A fine point sharpie.
Boxer Short pajamas from Target. They are super cute.
A sweet note from her and these adorble notecards. She lives in Austin (TX), so she finds the cutest things. All the time. 

When we first met, we had so many of the same things that we randomly found out when we were living together in Macedonia. We realized we have identical taste. But now I'm realizing her taste is so much better than mine. She is awesome!!  When we find cute things, we call or text each other and then the other usually goes to buy.  Well, these packages take the work out of it. I just get a special gift and I don't even have to hunt it down.  DId I mention that she included dark chocolate (my favorite) as well as a great hand picked cd of favorite songs (think old school mix tape) and a dvd of her favorite sermons from one of the best (Matt Chandler)?  Oh Hayley..I cherish you and your friendship.

(on our day trip to Greece...with our same Chacos..and same muscular legs...)

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