Friday, April 9, 2010

Dear World...

Dear Friends,
I am so thankful that you are reading this blog post. Be forewarned, I might be about to take out some frustration. Thanks for understanding. For still liking me. For reading on.
Love, Brooke

Dear YMCA,
You are no fun.  Where is your USA spirit?  I do no love it when you  tell me you will only give the military discount to my husband, the service member. What if he is serving our country right now? I am left behind which is the reason you can enjoy your warm bed tonight.  Could I please have the darn discount, YMCA??? Grr. I really let you have it.  I was really worked up.  The puppy face and then the face bursting into tears ......yeah, I hope that showed you.  . 

Dear Older Ladies who will never grow up,
I'm sorry if you are still stuck in high school, but you're older than my mom.  I am sorry that I didn't invite you to the baby shower of my friend, but it just so happens that you're not that nice to her.  I'm not sure what to tell you other than, "Go tell someone who cares".  Please don't chew me out in the hallway of our school.  That actually embarrasses you more than me.  I hope we can move forward from this.
Love, Brooke

Dear Bella,
Please stop attacking your crate.  It's only going to leave you a bloody mess. And I'm still going to put you back in there, so you won't turn my whole house into a sea of pillow feathers.  Know I love you. But I'm going to put some neosporin on your raw nose and stick you right back in. So please behave.
Love, Mom

Dear Kate Gosselin,
I just want you to know that I was your fan until the end. I never gave up on you. I always defended you. I knew that deep down you were a nice person, but a stressed mom.  After seeing you on DWTS, I think I was wrong. I think you really might be stuck up and hard to handle.  Good luck with that.

Dear God,
Thanks for sending Jesus to die on the cross. (No, this is real, not sarcastic, God..)  You paid for my  life with that death.  Thanks for knowing what my heart needs. For always being with me. Despite all the crazy people in the world, you are always there.  Thanks for that. I really have loved celebrating Easter and spending time with other women who love you. It is so encouraging to me.

Dear AG,
I hope you get your mail soon. You should be getting this. I think it will make you smile.
Love, Rook


  1. OHHHHH MYYYYY GOSH!!! Is that what i think it is???

  2. Yay! No more secrets! Love you girl! I think its time to come over and enjoy just being pregnant toether with a handsome boy named Taylor Lautner!

  3. I can understand all your frustrations, especially in light of your last photo! Just know, those raging hormones are going to keep those emotions raging!!

  4. Dear Brooke,

    I love you. I miss you! I wonder, does B know already? Or is this how you're telling him? I went garage saling this morning and thought of you and how I wished we could do it together while sipping our Starbucks. I made the HG fake sweet potato dish for Easter and thought of you. I got a pedicure last week with french tips and thought of you. Seriously, I think of you all the time and especially love the thought of your sweet little belly growing! I adore you so much! Happy Saturday, sweet friend.


  5. Congratulations Ms. B! That random spell of broodyness wasn't so random in the end! :)

    Enjoy this moment & know that we're holding all three of you up in our prayers.