Tuesday, March 30, 2010

DIY Chandelier Painting

I didn't know I would be into chandelier painting. It all began with this picture. My hubby in our dark, depressing office. I really do like this color red. But it was just too deep for the room (considering it's one of the walk through rooms of the house).  So I decided it needed lightening up. While my hubby and dad were busy installing lights in my kitchen, I decided to paint the office. My dad and hubby didn't like the idea because they knew they would eventually get dragged into it. They did, but not because I asked. Because they are such gentleman :)   
I started with many coats of white primer. I wanted it to take two. I think it took three.  Then, AG picked out this nice light blue color. It is nice. Looks pretty white most of the time.  Well, then we had this yucky old chandelier that was brass and just didn't go with our new room. So I told AG we had to paint it. He happily hopped right outside to paint. I only had to mention it 10 times or so :)
He liked the results so much he decided to paint the one from the living room too. Which is actually a big brass guy i got from a sweet girl on craigslist.  I wish I could show you the before. It was a huge, brass masterpiece.  So we painted it black.  By we, I mean AG did. I could have. But he's so good at projects.

IT was super easy.
Step 1: Take down Chandelier, taking off light bulbs and candles
Step 2: Take it outside and preferably hang it up or prop it up somewhere that can be painted on.
Step 3: Carefully spray chandelier. We found the best way was to spray in the air and let it fall on rather than spray straight on...otherwise it got gunky.
Step 4: Hang your chandelier back up. This might require strong words, or swear words, depending on your family.  This is a two person job. One person to hold, the other to hook up electricity.  Stand on a sturdy surface. I forgot that part.
TA DA...All in all, it looks pretty cute!!


  1. So cute! It's amazing what a little paint can do.

  2. ummm, love the chandeliers...do I see something cute lurking in the background of your last picture?