Sunday, February 28, 2010

SO much {where to start?}...

I went to a baby shower today.
So I've got babies on the brain.

I've been so many cute nurseries lately, that I will probably post on soon. Why? Because I can't use the help, but maybe some of you can. Or maybe, like me, you just appreciate cute things :)
First thing is first, you have to see what Rebecca and I gave the sweet girl having a baby.  You won't believe how cute.  I have to tell you that we ignored the registry. Which is so annoying, because if she didn't like it, she'll just have to give it to me!

The first thing is from this adorable girl, Grace. {I don't know her, but we'll pretend} Her website, is so cute you won't believe it.  It might be hard to see how adorable these shoes are. Look at her website to see more. I just love them.  The hats, you saw posted yesterday. Be on the lookout, I ordered some and I just might give one away. They are too cute, and I don't have a girl to put it on! 

The cake at the shower today was TOO CUTE! I loved it!

Do you see the booties on top?
The shower was held by our pastor's wife, who is a great friend of ours. We all prayed for her and for her baby, Jocelyn Stone.  Then we all shared thoughts and prayers for Jocelyn on paper. It was really nice and non-cheesy. I am going to try to find a good median like that when I give Rebecca her shower April 1.  

Ashley thought it looked yummy too :)
Whoops, I didn't really mean to wear the brightest outfit at the party!
Bella's favorite place to sleep is in the sun by the door. 
This just so happens to be the healthiest place to eat in my town. I love the salad bar. And I beg Army Guy to go there every week!  He does not love it as much as I do!  Not enough meat. But I talked him into it tonight.  
Work tomorrow. Stresses me out little after being gone for two days last week. It's going to be crazy.  Bootcamp tomorrow. Oh Mondays...

I was nominated for a blog award! Do you believe that? More on that later this week!

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  1. Those are the cutest shoes, B! I love the fabric. Also, congratulations on the nomination - you deserve it!