Sunday, January 10, 2010

I live in Georgia...this has to stop!

I hate being cold.
Hate it.
I'm lucky I don't live in Minnesota with my grandma. I really think I would be a recluse. I would never leave the house.
I'm such a baby.
It's 30 degrees in Georgia. And I have on two layers of pants. Three layers on top, plus a jacket. Heavy Socks. A scarf wrapped around my head and a hood on.
And I still shiver.
The picture above is from one night last week. I literally had two pairs of sweatpants and TWO sweatshirts on.
And this is INSIDE my house. I guess that's what happens when you live in an old house and you have hardwood floors. My bedrooms are warm. I am sitting on the carpet floor in one now. Nice and cozy....but still with a scarf covering my mouth.
Although tough old AG is in a tshirt and he said he's comfy.
He thinks I'm sick. Literally ill.
I'm not.
Just wimpy.

So, in addition to being wimpy, I'm feeling like a failed crafter today. First, I tried to make some cute bags...and it did not work at all. So, I decided not to worry and moved on.
The next project is a big one. I am attempting to finish a wall o' pictures in my hallway that I've been meaning to finish for two years since I moved in. It came to a breaking point when all the frames were crowding up my closet and had to go. So I'm attempting a technique I learned by searching the web for distressed frames. It seemed easy enough. so I thought it was worth a try.

Sweet hubby decided to begin the project while I went to SPIN class. (I LOVE Sunday Spin class after makes for the best, most relaxing Sunday...)

So I got home and saw this. Which made me happy. Before, all the frames were random colors. We decided to spray paint white to begin, then put the candle wax on the edges, and then paint them black. We're going to go for a black and white motif in the hall.

After we painted them white, we put candle wax on the areas we wanted to sand away later.

Then we painted them with black paint.

But being the crafting 'failure' I am tonight, I bought some weirdo kind of paint that is coating everything so thick that it will not dry. It also soaks through thick rubber gloves. This stuff is intense. And it is making me mad. It is ruining my crafting!!

I hope you had better luck with your crafts. Mine will get better. :)

I am doing bootcamp in the morning, although right now I'm basically just personal training a friend...until our church growth group starts again....when we will get the group back. It's sort of fun with a small group of three. But I love having a big group of girls to motivate and help too.
It's giving me a really fun vision of what my future could be. Personal training or bootcamp...I am so energized by teaching that! But it comes 5:30am.
So, with that...



  1. I just stumbled upon your blog ~ too cute!

    I'm feeling your pain ~ it's a balmy 18degrees here in Connecticut. I'm beggin my husband to move south but then I realized you guys aren't much warmer!

    Do you think the paint problem has anything to do with the temp? I know I've had problems before when it's too cold. Just a thought.


  2. Oh B! You look like me <3! I should send you some of the ridiculous gear they have here to keep warm...keep toasty, you are not a wimp at all!

    It doesn't matter how far South you are...when it's cold outside, it's COLD!