Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Cheer..

I have felt convicted lately that JESUS needs to be more of a central focus of my celebrating. So, I'm working on that. I have this one cheesy nativity. I really think it will be fun with kids because it goes day by day and tells them another small fact about Jesus and what happened through advent. Still have a long way to go. All around. The decorating is by no means perfect, or finished...but I'm having fun with the process.

My window of my favorite places in the house. Below, I needed to add some visual interest behind my couch. Usually I have a panel from idea there...but for now I hung some wreaths. The crystal frame is my wedding invitation that my friend Sue had painted like a wreath..since I was married Dec.23. It's pretty fun to bring out to remember that time!

Above on the right is a pen I bought at this cute little boutique. Tonight I bought some felt so I can re-create these pens. I don't think they will be hard to make.

I put some ric-rac up on my re-created window so I could make it a showplace for Christmas cards. I haven't put them all up...but this is some of them.

On a previous post, I talked about making a wreath out of a coat hanger...and I DID! It was super easy (other than the never ending search for ornaments). I know this isn't perfect....but I think it's beautiful!!

I love how sweet Bella climbed up on top of all the luggage on our way home. She is so sweet! The Christmas tree won't fall down at the bottom because we left it tied up over Thanksgiving when we left town. I think this shaped the braches up a bit...but it still looks okay. I still need to make a pretty bow for the top...because I'm not happy with the star on top.

Now, off to do some baking!

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  1. Your house is so cute! I hope you're enjoying break and some time away from your students. Have a very merry Christmas!