Monday, December 21, 2009

Amy Butler Bag, How I miss thee...

Oh Amy Butler bag, I miss you. You were stolen. You are probably sitting in a dumpster somewhere. You were so carefully made by one of my favorite etsy sellers...and then some mean person took you...took out everything expensive in you, and threw you out. I drove around the area for weeks hoping it might show up. It was one of a kind. Not that expensive. But it was CUTE.

Today I don't have to work. No screaming second graders. No taps on the shoulder, or the hip. No screams of (insert rude phrase here) to other students. No conflict management.

WOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!! Excited won't really cover it here. I will miss my second graders, but boy will I enjoy the break.

I digress.
I mean to tell you that when I was trying to make a shutterfly book for a Christma present for my mother in law and sister in law, I came across this pictures above from Europe this summer. I bought the bag especially for the trip, so there would be room in it for my Nikon D80 monster camera. Then, this fall, after my husband returned from Deployment #3, we went to do a midnight 5K...and someone smashed our truck window to get my hidden away purse. Mean people bum me out.
Anyway, I told my DH (darling husband) that if he wanted to look on ETSY, he could search for Amy Butler and he would find lots of cool things.
He called me later and in normal sarcastic (but true) fashion, he said, "Who is this AMy Butler and why didn't I know about her earlier? Her stuff is so cute!". This is coming from a really tough AG....who is not into 'cute'. Love him. I later got four emails of 'purchases' from etsy I had not made. Lucky for him I like surprises, so I didn't snoop.
I hope there is a new bag within them. :)
More soon! I've been doing little crafts!

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