Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What are you thankful for?

I'm thankful for so many things...We'll start with 30.
to begin...I am thankful for...
1. the amazing man I married .
2. that he is a VETERAN.
3. this man, let's call him AG for Army Guy, who treats me like a queen, even when I'm not quite as sweet to him.
4. the Lord cares for me down to the color of my toenails. He cares for every hair on my head. He cares what dress I choose to wear to the military ball tomorrow...
5. my two dogs running circles around my house.
6. the health of my grandma (mimi) who had breast cancer removed yesterday. the health of my wonderful parents and in laws..
7. crafting.
8. blogging.
9. weddings. they just remind me of innocent, real love.
10. 50 year anniversaries. you don't have to give up on that real love...
11. words of affirmation.
12. comfy jeans.
13. a promise of eternity in heaven.
14. warm chocolate chip cookies.
15. dear friendships.
16. laughter.
17. the ability to be active.
18. chalkboards. they just make me smile.
19. baseball hats. especially if they say UK.
20. the bible
21. thrift stores
22. good books.
23. A window seat to curl up in.
24. The show, "The Office" and it's amazing humor.
25. Chocolate Labs named Bella who are SO naughty.
26. Really Loud Worship music, which allows me not to be heard when singing..
27. Photograpy. It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. Including my bad technique..
28. all things vintage.
29. Traveling overesas
30. A sweet little beagle named Buoy...who does NOT float like a real buoy :)

1 comment:

  1. WONDERFUL!!!!! I love reflecting on why I am thankful!

    Right now I am thankful for a happy baby and a giving husband.